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    • colobhoy  21 May 08:19 PM
        Was hendo playing in the final?
    • northeastghirl15  21 May 09:24 PM
        Aye,came on as a sub. Took the corner for Stokes 2nd.
    • JB90  22 May 09:41 AM
        He assisted 2 goals
    • kevza  22 May 10:20 AM
        Looking forward to Henderson coming back
    • kevza  22 May 10:37 AM
        Think I woke up with a hangover, and ain't had a drink in 15 Months
    • northeastghirl15  22 May 04:02 PM
        Watching Kilmarnock celebrating coming second bottom...wtf!!! Feel for the Bairns.
    • kevza  22 May 05:45 PM
        I was hoping they would go down
    • JB90  22 May 06:23 PM
        same fannies
    • pepperami  23 May 05:34 PM
        Every time there's been a riot at hampden its involved a team playing in blue from govan losing spread the word
    • The_Bhoy_1981  23 May 06:55 PM
        they want Hibs kicked out of Europe.....NEVER GONNA HAPPEN
    • The_Bhoy_1981  23 May 06:55 PM
        its the only way they'll get in...SHAMEFUL
    • carraigbhoy  23 May 07:10 PM
        Agreed TB, has anyone seen any evidence of Sevco players being physically attacked ? with all the TV and CCTV cameras, and all the phone coverage ? I havent seen any evidence of assault
    • JB90  23 May 07:18 PM
        i have
    • JB90  23 May 07:21 PM
        I saw some rangers players getting attacked but the rangers fans were the one who ran on to the pitch as well throwing chairs at the hibs fans
    • The_Bhoy_1981  23 May 07:38 PM
    • The_Bhoy_1981  23 May 07:39 PM
        Hibs fans are on the pitch having fun
    • The_Bhoy_1981  23 May 07:39 PM
        then comes Scotland's shame
    • The_Bhoy_1981  23 May 07:39 PM
        looking for rows
    • JB90  23 May 07:43 PM
        not disputing that, but the huns players were attacked by hibs fans
    • pepperami  23 May 10:09 PM
        Some of the Hun players saying they were assaulted are talking white
    • pepperami  23 May 10:09 PM
    • JB90  23 May 11:36 PM
        I don't know about all of them there was a video that showed Wallace getting kicked and punched though
    • pepperami  24 May 06:31 PM
        Link plz?
    • pepperami  24 May 06:33 PM
        They said all 11 players were assaulted yet kenny millers wife said he was never touched look at the end of the game most players walked off the pitch I seen a video of the goalie being pushed but no more
    • JB90  24 May 08:22 PM
        I canny get the link it was on facebook thp
    • crazyhorse1876  24 May 08:40 PM
        I notice that the flares have hardly had a paragraph,maybe we should ask Ueefa for our money back
    • The_Bhoy_1981  25 May 05:22 PM
    • JB90  26 May 10:25 AM
        hope theres nothing concrete in the danny graham rumour
    • kevza  27 May 10:00 AM
        Should be aiming a tad higher.
    • kevza  28 May 08:55 AM
        Hoping Real pump Athletico tonight.
    • The_Bhoy_1981  28 May 09:37 PM
        Some shoot out
    • JB90  30 May 01:56 PM
        kazim richards is off to brazil
    • kevza  30 May 10:35 PM
        Do we get money for him?
    • JB90  02 Jun 03:36 PM
        i dont think so kev but cant complain least we got shot of him
    • JB90  02 Jun 03:37 PM
        lennon to be next hibs manager
    • kevza  03 Jun 11:11 PM
        big step down for him
    • ianmcd  04 Jun 08:41 AM
        oi oi
    • kevza  04 Jun 10:58 AM
    • kevza  04 Jun 10:58 AM
        RIP The Greatest. Muhammad Ali
    • ianmcd  04 Jun 12:25 PM
        aye indeed
    • ianmcd  04 Jun 12:25 PM
        you working the day kev
    • The_Bhoy_1981  07 Jun 07:30 PM
        Hail Hail all, class to see the huge amount of season tickets being sold
    • The_Bhoy_1981  07 Jun 07:30 PM
        the club is back and pulling together, fans and board
    • The_Bhoy_1981  07 Jun 07:31 PM
        yesterday alone we raised over 2.5 million, thats Brendan's wages in 1 day. Also hearing we have/will take in over 25 million in season ticket sales this year. WOW.
    • kevza  07 Jun 09:57 PM
        Very positive. Why didn't the board get the finger out 2 years ago?
    • crazyhorse1876  07 Jun 10:32 PM
        Question:what would the board have done if the dark side had come up last season
    • The_Bhoy_1981  08 Jun 07:13 PM
        they'd of stuck with ronny
    • The_Bhoy_1981  08 Jun 07:13 PM
        they had too
    • The_Bhoy_1981  08 Jun 07:13 PM
        he'd won the double
    • The_Bhoy_1981  08 Jun 07:13 PM
        and then we'd not of won the league this season
    • The_Bhoy_1981  08 Jun 07:13 PM
        thank fuk they never came up
    • The_Bhoy_1981  08 Jun 07:18 PM
    • kevza  10 Jun 02:17 PM
        Sunderland have confirmed the departure of striker Steven Fletcher after leaving him off their official retained list for next season's Premier League campaign.
    • kevza  10 Jun 02:35 PM
        Will the new standing area affect our capacity?
    • The_Bhoy_1981  10 Jun 07:55 PM
        Id not think so kev
    • The_Bhoy_1981  10 Jun 07:55 PM
        Noy hugely anyways
    • The_Bhoy_1981  10 Jun 07:55 PM
    • pepperami  11 Jun 01:37 AM
        No same amount
    • pepperami  11 Jun 01:38 AM
        They will allocate tickets to the section with the number of seats in the section remember the seats are on a rail system and can be put back as seats for Europe
    • kevza  11 Jun 09:11 AM
        Yeh, I knew that, but wisnae sure if they would hange a wee bit
    • kevza  11 Jun 09:11 AM
    • The_Bhoy_1981  11 Jun 07:34 PM
        here is less than 100 season tickets left ,Celtic must leave 5 % capacity available for visiting fans which works out at just a little over 3k tickets so there will only be about 5000 tickets left for general sale on matchdays.
    • pepperami  13 Jun 09:37 PM
        Unlucky Ireland
    • kevza  13 Jun 10:23 PM
        Yeh, 2 points dropped there.
    • kevza  16 Jun 03:53 PM
        Jammy Bazzaz
    • kevza  16 Jun 06:01 PM
        Nort of Ireland Bastards tae
    • kevza  17 Jun 05:00 PM
        Been dragged out shopping and you're bored out yer nut? Here's a wee fun game you can play its called Fat Or Pregnant? Rules are simple, just look at woman and decide if they're pregnant or not. Ladies - if you're out shopping and you see someone looking at you whilst stroking their chin and you're not expecting maybe you should have a salad tonight.
    • northeastghirl15  18 Jun 10:02 AM
        Cheeky bugger
    • northeastghirl15  18 Jun 10:03 AM
        Thankfully I am too old to be suspected of pregnancy
    • kevza  18 Jun 06:17 PM
    • pepperami  21 Jun 10:17 PM
        Hail hail
    • kevza  22 Jun 08:46 AM
    • kevza  22 Jun 09:52 PM
        What a goal and result for the Irish.
    • The_Bhoy_1981  24 Jun 10:27 AM
    • ianmcd  26 Jun 09:37 AM
        same old shite "we are being prudent and want quality over quantity" they have paid rodgers so much in wages there is fuck all transfer budget
    • ianmcd  26 Jun 09:38 AM
        and kev that game would be too hard in greenock 1.2 the population look regnant even the men
    • kevza  27 Jun 10:00 AM
    • kevza  27 Jun 09:02 PM
        Did England just get beat by Iceland lol? A country with a Population less than Glasgow just beat the country that "invented" the game and is their National sport. Is this the biggest upset in Euro History ?
    • crazyhorse1876  27 Jun 10:47 PM
        I thought our record was bad but England are out of Europe twice within a week
    • JB90  28 Jun 12:12 AM
        In lanzarote have been for 2 weeks and disappointed to see weve still no signed anyone. What is happening?
    • JB90  28 Jun 12:12 AM
        In other news A love iceland
    • JB90  28 Jun 12:15 AM
        English guy was tryin to gloat the germans after the game at the hotel singing songs about the war
    • The_Bhoy_1981  28 Jun 07:23 AM
        Rodgers wants to see what he has at his current disposal before making a move in the transfer market and no.2 Chris Davies insisted they management team were moving in on their targets. Davies said: “There is a lot of work being done by the club and the recruitment department. It's ongoing but these things take time. “We’ve got our targets and we are working towards them.”
    • The_Bhoy_1981  28 Jun 07:23 AM
        That will do for me. No point buying unknown cunts who will never play for us
    • The_Bhoy_1981  28 Jun 07:24 AM
        i would rather 3 great signings that will walk right into the team and make an impact
    • kevza  28 Jun 10:03 AM
        Agreed. Tired of buying nobodies. JB, I hope the Germans put that kunt in his place lol
    • crazyhorse1876  28 Jun 10:45 AM
        Well that's a terrific start to the new campaign,we landed in wrong country
    • The_Bhoy_1981  28 Jun 12:09 PM
    • JB90  28 Jun 01:27 PM
        Spoke too soon
    • JB90  28 Jun 01:28 PM
        Great signing considering the clubs that were interested
    • JB90  28 Jun 02:15 PM
        I dont want to come home to right wing britain
    • The_Bhoy_1981  28 Jun 09:05 PM
    • The_Bhoy_1981  05:52 PM
        Just bought Celtic TV 80 pounds to the cause :-)
    • kevza  06:28 PM
        Nice one. No decent streams, and 1 nil down
    • The_Bhoy_1981  06:37 PM
        u can get celtic tv for 40 also kev
    • pepperami  10:10 PM
        You got it eventually tb
    • kevza  10:36 PM
        Yeh, I know m8. Never in the house much tho lol
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