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  2. Great advert for Scottish football, credit to the Dons!
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  4. I'm glad thats done, credit to the sheep for going for it, shocking tackle on the wee man but glad its wrapped up. HH
  5. Bhoy, that was tough. I really couldn't be fked with extra time anyways. Horrific challenge on wee KT, and how that wasn't picked up, i'll never know. It was good to see him back for the celebrations. Although he looked whiter than white Off to the Legends game with the Bhoy now, Let the celebrations continue.
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  7. Fantastic end to the league season for the Celts. Invincible, Incredible. Looking forward to celebrating the treble next weekend.
  8. 2 - 0 to the champs
  9. Hoping for at least 5/6-0 against this mob. Lets finish the league season on a high.
  10. I've seen the goals, but not the incident. Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  11. Griff let us down big time last night. The replay of him on the bench was shocking, throwing his bottle onto the ground like a child. We don;t need people like this at the club. He needs to grow up fast!
  12. Yip its on Sky sports 5 Kev, Hope you manage to catch it, but well done for keeping up the meetings. You should eb well proud of you wee self.
  13. Unusual day for a kick off. Is this on the box then?
  14. Watching the replay now
  15. boyata has scored a few of late
  16. some game
  17. 3-1 to Celtic, half time score
  18. Boyata, one nil to Celtic
  19. Gordon Lustig Simunovic Boyata Tierney McGregor Armstrong Roberts Rogic Sinclair GriffithsSubs: De Vries, Toure, Bitton, Gamboa, Sviatchenko, Forrest, Kouassi
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  21. It's gonna be a long weekend. Looking forward to this.
  22. Was at the game as a mate had gave me his book so I took the wee man along to see the champions. The game didn't disappoint but i was disappointed by the lack of turnout. Official attendance was 52,000 but ud be lucky if it was 40!! Plenty empty seats. But why?? It was a glorious day, we're playing attractive football, we're unbeaten in the league, chasing a treble, hammering the Huns, what's not to like? St Johnstone even tried to make a game of it! I could understand it if this was during deilas tenure, as I had a season book then and saw advertising covering many empty blocks and if you couldn't make a game, you couldn't give your book away to a friend! But now!!? Where the fuck was everyone!?
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