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  2. Thanks m8. How much does it work out in UK £ ?
  3. Private Internet Access. PIA. Great price, great service, no logs, kill switch, the works. I use it all the time. The fact that the authorities raided their servers and confiscated their equipment here in Russia, is by definition a very good sign. Reconfiguring firefox to run through Tor should also keep you under the radar.
  4. Yeah Ditto. Considering we have some very young squad players, It's been a long testing season. Whilst we want to remain unbeaten, Time to freshen up a bit. I'd be starting Griffiths now.
  5. Earlier
  6. Im glad it's the international break. Looks like a few of our players could be doin with a wee rest. Esp Dembele and Sinclair. Haven't looked as sharp recently. Although you cannot complain considering what they have done over the past 30 games. But I feel the break will be good for the team and hopefully freshen them up. I would also like to see a few others get more game time. Roberts and grif and poss Henderson. Even gamboa just to give the team freshness that I think has been lacking past few games.
  7. That's the 3 points then,
  8. Cool notification sound haven't been on
  9. Cracker of a goal...
  10. Good goal by them. Strange name
  11. Armstrong header, 2-0
  12. Simunovic, 1-0 !!
  13. Stalemate so far.
  14. Very possible
  15. Should Hearts beat Aberdeen this Saturday and we then beat Dundee on Sunday then we win the league!
  16. Jammy bastards. They wanted it more tbh. We had a poor game. Sinclair & Dembele quite disappointing for me. Tactically we got it wrong, and them right. A lot of poor refereeing decisions against us again, no surprises there now. Still unbeaten. And they are celebrating like they won the league
  17. full time, 1-1
  18. Halftime, Sevco 3 yellow cards, Celtic nil Goal score, Celtic 1, Sevco 0
  19. ARMSTRONG!!! Celtic 1-0 Sevco
  20. Great save from CG
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