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  1. Never seen such an open game for a while. Although we were far more dominant and should have scored at least 2 more, they had far too many chances for my liking. And had their decision making been better and had Gordon not been as alert, it may have been a different story. Have the back 4 became a little complacent? Izziguere came onto a game but was gash first half and again made me realise how much we miss tierney. Erik looked lackadaisical at times and caused their goal. Jozo done ok I thought as did lustig who had a hard time against the much quicker mackay. I thought the central partnership of jozo and Erik is our strongest and thought they had gelled and sorted mistakes out, but I felt yesterday they looked quite vulnerable especially with the amount of chances the zombies had. I would like to see another CB come in Jan window ,as kolo is only cover and he too looked sloppy the past few performances, to try push these two. Competition Seems to be working elsewhere on the park. 2nd half was excellent though. Some of the passing was awesome and I just wish Armstrong had scored his little dink shot as the build up to that was fantastic. I feel he is becoming a very important player for us and would love him to become future captain if his performances continue and when brown retires (if he's still here!). Woul love to go through season unbeaten. That would be an awesome achievement. But plenty to be cheerful about in 2017. We have a good balance of youth and experience and BR not shy to play young players Andy give them a chance, namely Christie, who I think is a decent player Andy would like to see more of. Just hope we have learned from past mistake and BUILD from a posisition of strength and identify and sort weakenesses properly rather than using a stop gap. So happy new year folks. Here we go, 10 in a row...
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