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  1. For everything. For keeping this page opened for so long. A lot of Celts fans have come and go over the last decade or so, But unfortunately recently most folk have disappeared altogether. This site has been a support to myself, with the deaths of both parents in recent years, and also my bevvying (which has stopped altogether) I have a better life today, as does my Family. I would like to see this place picking up again. I think most folk using social media now, and the forum has lagged behind. I'm guilty of it too. we got the Cup Semi and hopefully a Final to look forward to, as well as going through the season unbeaten domestically. Gaffer, you got a choice to make, Keep the site open, or close. Onwards and upwards, And all the best. Thanks.
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  3. Brown free to play. Red card over turned to yellow but after this weekend he is banned for two games due to having so many yellow cards. He'd of been getting a rest anyways.
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