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  1. Private Internet Access. PIA. Great price, great service, no logs, kill switch, the works. I use it all the time. The fact that the authorities raided their servers and confiscated their equipment here in Russia, is by definition a very good sign. Reconfiguring firefox to run through Tor should also keep you under the radar.
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  2. Im glad it's the international break. Looks like a few of our players could be doin with a wee rest. Esp Dembele and Sinclair. Haven't looked as sharp recently. Although you cannot complain considering what they have done over the past 30 games. But I feel the break will be good for the team and hopefully freshen them up. I would also like to see a few others get more game time. Roberts and grif and poss Henderson. Even gamboa just to give the team freshness that I think has been lacking past few games.
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