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  1. you mean at the very most? Coz I think sevco are gonna drop a fuck load of points
  2. We will smash them on a side note 45/1 3-0 with Sinclair scoring the first any takers?
  3. Disgusting how the club is treating these guys he deserved a formal send off as did sammy
  4. Missed the game due to work though I believe this is a huge win for us the Huns next then a break with the league cup in the bag interesting indeed
  5. Great win despite the best efforts of the mib
  6. Well done to the bhoys today great performance amazing when you play players in the correct position 1change from last year
  7. We paid the price after both borussia games didn't turn up in the first and the second we really should've finished them that's the difference disappointed yes but I see improvement next year we have got to be more clinical
  8. Someone IMHO is due a wee hiding from us goals have dried up a little of late considering chances that have been created
  9. Think he's a good back up to Gordon was never gonna be number 1 Gordon is a quality keeper sure he has made mistakes but name one which hasn't boric made a few but still a quality keeper
  10. Absolutely pissed off with last night tbh sure we rode our luck at times that happens it's not being clinical enough in front of goal after getting ourselves level against ten men I expected an onslaught from us to win the game it just didn't happen ok wee Callum missed a sitter but think that was the only chance we created against ten men? we never seem to learn fucks me off
  11. He always does
  12. Need to stop losing the ball so easy Ross county are up for this
  13. Oh wanted to say well done jozo played an absolute blinder gave them cunts nothing looks the real deal glad he didn't go in the summer hail hail
  14. Thought we were excellent today broonie ran the show between parking the bus and that bastard ref Thompson they managed to keep the score line down forget the obvious goal chopped off but the amount of free kicks given to sevco that allowed the game to slow down and us to lose momentum was ridicules. 1-0 going 5-0 never in any danger at all hail hail
  15. That was brutal viewing I can handle getting beat but why does our defenders just do mad crazy bat shit things ? we seemed scared to go for the win and played a lot of backward passes we need to be attacking it was like they was playing within themselves almost deila style very disappointed
  16. Wow what a game team gave everything tonight though we have to stop giving away goals conceded 3 at home frustrating I thought griff should've been on earlier tbh dembelle ran himself into the ground. thought the same for young Forrest also I often slate this player but tonight I thought he was incredible take a bow bitton. I'm gutted at not getting the win I believe if our subs were made earlier we might have done let's not get carried away like the inter Milan game we have 1 point from 2 games we need to beat the Germans home and away I also hope barca can pump city both home and away which will make a very interesting finale to the group. good result but still believe we could've won that game tonight hail hail
  17. Fucking hell Celtic into this mob tonight
  18. Missed the game due to work looks good
  19. Hahahah brilliant
  20. He did pull off a good save