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  1. i'm getting it on friday i play career mode
  2. loss

    bored to fuckin tears watchin this
  3. win

    Was workin so couldnae go disappointed cause wanted to see the kids sing at cp
  4. all the best for ur future mark hail hail
  5. :riotpolis: :zowned6tt: :laugh2: :icecream: :icecream: :party: :rip_1: rankers
  6. kev he took the pic
  7. it was brill gaffer
  9. got ma ticket now cannae wait till sunday :scarf_hoops: :scarf_hoops: :riotpolis: :icecream: :drink_mini: :point_and_laugh_hun3: :point_and_laugh_hun3:
  10. loss

    am still gutted but not the end of the world but gotta beat the manky mob
  11. win

    2,0 for me will be hard game but should have too much 4 them in the end
  12. draw

    am going so i'm hopin for 4,0 hoops 2, stokes and mulgrew
  13. yip cannae wait :scarf_hoops: :icecream: :point_and_laugh_hun3: :point_and_laugh_hun3:
  14. win

    hopefully 3,0 hooper 2 stokesy 1
  15. win

    shopuld be a good win should play izzy fae the start