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  1. Is the secret family ingredient stock cube by any chance?
  2. Unbelievable talent. Scotland's most dangerous player. The speed of the guy is unbelievable.
  3. I was more than happy with that performance. Scotland brought the game to Germany, the ref did us no favours. All I can say is, bring them on at Hampden. It'll be a totally different game. Ikechi Anya is unbelievable and would've been a brillant signing for Celtic this year IMO, but thats a different kettle of fish.
  4. WAYY HAYY LADS. Third in the league. Wee magical mystery tip for you guys.... Naismith is on fire at the moment and up against West Brom. You heard it here first
  5. I have faith in Strachan and the boys. Like every qualification campaign though, every team will be organised and won't just lie down to teams(us in particular). We have a very strong side compared to the other teams barr Germany though. I'm looking forward to seeing a mostly premier league Scotland team.
  6. Would help if I done it right
  7. Its the Illuminati mate. They're behind everything in football Remember when Scotland were beaten cheated out of Europe by Italy a few years ago.... <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Don't know why we're panicking. Anyone ever had to deal with a company during office hours? It'll take the bank two weeks to give me a callback. Why shouldn't we assume that FIFA's offices are just as bad......
  9. confirmed

    We have an academy, why not utilize it like before. Plenty big names have graced our doors before buggering off to elsewhere (Maloney, McGeady). I honestly think that, without rangers in the league gives us the rare opportunity to build a squad of youth homegrown players. Rather have a good batch of mediocre youth players on low wages, than a batch of mediocre foreign naebodies demanding high wages.
  10. Entered the code, I should be added in sometime after the next points update. I'll then take the number 3 spot depending on how Sturridge plays tonight.....
  11. Still a chance to jump on in on this league boys?
  12. Looking for peoples opinions. Legia are looking strong and are a brilliant price (IMO) at the bookies tonight. After skelping us and skelping teams back home by considerable margins. Is anyone getting on these boys to do it in Kazakhstan? I'm honestly think Legia - 1 asian handicap.... Any opinions welcome....
  13. I get that feeling from a few of the players in the squad when they play. Van Dijk being one, Bitton and Berget another. Just get the feeling that If it came to throwing themselves in front of a shot or a last ditch tackle, they wouldn't even attempt it. The pride for playing Celtic might not be there but...... Last night went according to plan, you could see it with the play. Every time we won the ball back in their half, we would play it back to keeper defence and hold possession. You got the the sense that the team wanted to throw men forward on the break like we did with United. Although big Ronny had the players well tuned in and had them follow the game plan. I think it was the fact of holding and being so conservative that lead us to be horrible when defending. It again, is another new Deila tactic that has not been practiced enough. It may not have been a graceful 1-1 but it does speak value in the sense of maturity in the team. That we can half arse some diddy European side in the champions league.
  14. Scott Brown "Injured" In other words, wanted a couple of weeks off to get pished and eccied oot his nut....
  15. I thought he wasn't on the list of fielded players though, thus making him ineligible and banned from playing..... Does 2 wrongs make a right in this case.