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  1. Oh wa failure was certain .......cheats cheats cheats .
  2. Highlights
  3. I believe u . Wilson is a shitebag
  4. My expectations plummeted after ShaggPile Parahandy , under Lennon. i am a Lennon Fan Mold was the worst result I had seen since then and no I did not witness both Legia games Meaning maybe I am now more equipped to deal with the disappointment now as 35 year old Armchairfan
  5. Don't Believe him Puerto and simple I believe McGlone
  6. loads a names gettin tossed in the hat for this one ,
  7. make a success of the one that they are running now i say .........
  8. yep miss u already
  9. not in the country big man I am up the road mate
  10. Least there'll be an atmosphere this time as a pose to Raith Rovers.....good test I think roll on the same team as today
  11. I am very pleased we won today, we can only keep going fwd now and look into the next game .. Make best of each opportunity to succeed , which is what I believe happened today . Ronnie could have dropped Commons but he put his ego aside at great personal risk to his authority over the team and put the result first.. That's good enough for me TODAY that's Learning . Many managers would never have done this so thank u Ron
  12. Well done Celtic the response from the players and management was ideal. And we'll done to each and every fan who turned up to to see the response I salute you .. Hail hail
  13. is game not on tv?
  14. I think he RD should have the opportunity to change this. If he fails the we as a club should change it .. I stand by my original claims it's not all RDs fault everyone from board to back room has a role to play we win and lose together .. Manager Players Staff Supporters
  15. We need to start learning we are in the weakest league in Europe our prority is not to lose goals