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  1. Am confident dese fhoks will not win anything! Celtic deserve to be through in mi honest opinion! This is how am feeling right now
  2. mATES i am getting worried about this wee appeal, de kunts have some valid points.. DARN ILLEGIA no matter wot.. wee bhoys stick togeyher!! #bhoyrpide4life #heilheilthebhoysarehere #pride2014 In the mean time.. who the fock would not love this?Kuba KOSEXY!
  3. Bhoys, being the prideful bhoy i am 4 life, i am a wee bit worried about legia winning the appel. wot are de chances of it??
  4. The fine lookings lads Kosexy and Ziyrow would be some new blood for us! U blocks think ILLEGIA would sell to us?!?!?!
  5. Rules are rules mates and facts are facts! ILLEGIA need to know that! #BHOYPRIDE4LYFE!
  6. We got this bhoys.. we may have had a shitty 3rd round mates but I believe we can change this up in this 4th! BHOY PRIDE 2014! #WORLDPRIDE2014 #BHOYSFORLIFE #WEDEMBHOYS!
  7. Me when I heard the bhoys are through!: