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  1. He seems quite similar to Bitton from the youtube highlights of the Europa league games. Didn't really catch my eye but I hope the scouts spotted something.
  2. Hey everyone, hope you are all getting on well. I'm glad to see the small community still hanging in there. Just wanted to post this so no one is in any doubt, if you seen it in the corner of your eye today or in the future. That article is about my father who passed away on December 8th 2013. With this topic on the nations minds we thought this was the time to speak up about what we knew. The full story isn't something you can truly convey in a couple of articles but you can get the bullet points. The whole situation developed over 24hrs with the Daily Record connecting the dots and making things happen. A whole load of new information has came to light which has really shocked me. I hope from this we can help all the people he has hurt, reveal the full truth and find justice.
  3. I'm willing to forgive that game as long as we make amends at home. Our play was pathetically slow for 70 minutes of the match and our team lacked the coherence, composure and sharpness required to play in Europe. It is a little bit worrying how confident Brendan was going into this match when it's clear to everyone that the team tonight was miles away from the standard requires to fight for the SPFL title. Çiftçi and Brown were the only players who seemed to look fit, sharp and confident.
  4. I'm actually cautiously optimistic, my main grudge in the past 5 years has been Peter Lawwell controlling almost every operational aspect of the club. I think Brendan is the most likely man take on more responsibility and push Lawwell out of the unofficial director of football role. In doing so he can hopefully set some clear targets and we can really get our momentum going where it should be.
  6. more streams
  7. No, the answer is no.
  8. I would never even think about Izzy getting a Hatrick, can he do it?
  9. First time I can really say that we have played some entertaining attacking football. Just got to prepare, focus and run at the opponents.
  10. So just after getting promoted INTO the Championship, they spend a combined total of £11m on two strikers. Bristol City's previous transfer record was £2.35m for Nicky Maynard in 2008. This season they have signed Jonathan Kodjia for £2.1m, a guy who is almost 26 that did well in his first proper season of football in Ligue 2. Then this guy, an average top half of the championship striker for £9m. They only have an average attendance of 12,000 but are spending twice the amount we will ever spend in the near future on one player.
  11. Dinamo Zagreb fan comments on this rumor:
  12. 2-0 on agg vs Drogheda United - 2013 9-0 on agg vs Hibernian - 2013 0-4 on agg vs Swansea City - 2013 1-0 on agg vs Ventspils - 2014 4-4 on agg vs Sparta Prague - 2014 - won on away goals - 2014 4-2 on agg vs Red Bull Salzburg 0–2 vs Juventus - away - 2014 2–0 vs Olympiacos - home - 2014 0-5 vs Atlético Madrid - away - 2014 0–2 vs Atlético Madrid - home - 2014 0–2 vs Juventus - home - 2014 2-4 vs Olympiacos - away - 2014 1-0 on agg vs Žalgiris Vilnius - 2015 3-2 on agg vs Red Bull Salzburg - 2015 So since 2013 they have got the better of Red Bull Salzburg twice and beat Olympiacos at home. They are a decent European team however this is the kind of team MON, Strachan and Lennon would overcome. Malmö FF is the team we would beat 100% of the time when we are truly focused, prepared and determined to win. We were poor over the two legs against Qarabag but we got the result we wanted. We should be moving it up a gear, now we have a few competitive games under our belts.
  13. 100% false, using a simple filtered search of google the first instance of him being linked with Celtic is this article. Thus all integrity relies on it. 1. It's the Daily Mail, one of the worst popular websites/newspapers. 2. Stephen McGowan is the writer, he is a writer for the Daily Mail, not a Journalist. In conclusion this is an article picked from thin air to fulfill his daily article criteria for a shitty website/paper.
  14. some stream links
  15. I've missed this matchweek but I'll join anyway.