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  1. In case no other person here saw it, I will post Duncan Hothersall's (Labourite) tweet about Scotland. - "Of course I accept and embrace the fact that Scotland is a nation. It's just irrelevant to a UK election" Democracy is fine for the Westminster masses if Scotland sends Labour MP's to the House Of Commons but it all gets a bit messy when we flex our democratic will and potentially send a large block of SNP candidates in their place.
  2. Don't anyone get caught out by the 'sovereign' mention as it has nothing to do with royalty and everything to do with the people of Scotland. The Declaration Of Arbroath states that Royals can only ever be 'King Of Scots' or Queen Of Scots', being that the land belongs to the people and not the royals. If we can re-enact Arbroath, queenies land reverts to our land.
  3. No surprise at all, stupid is as stupid does.
  4. The nature of the voting system here was designed (by Westminster) not to allow any one party to have an overall majority but the SNP ruined that plan and as such, we have the chance to be independent, and what country wouldn't want that chance? In the event of a 'YES' vote, there will be another election to vote in Scotland's Government, so there is no guarantee that any one party will be in power and it will be up to us to decide who. With the current set-up at Westminster, England decides who governs as our vote makes no difference at all.
  5. Nope, I'm all for a Republic in good time but having to put up with the leech and her brood for a few years is a small price to pay. You sound like a nay sayer matey, and in voting 'no' you would be voting along with the lovers of butchers aprons. Please say I'm wrong.
  6. Okay peeps, after seeing the Celtic For Independence banner on photos from Saturdays Independence Rally, it's got me wondering about the depth of feeling for our little country among my fellow Celts. Anyone care to say which way they will vote and why? I'll start - YES - no longer the last remnant of the English Empire and a much more successful country without the shackles of Westminster holding us back and draining our resources. Scottish and proud. Sovereign and free. Saor Alba.
  7. I'm looking forward to winding up the chaps at work, one of the joys of working in Greenock, not that there are many.
  8. That is how it's done (the hard way) but what the hell, I hope all those Karagandy (Sevco Loyal) supporters are not beating up their wives.
  9. Kenny, count yourself at least half lucky as I can't find a bloody link that works.
  10. Hopefully the hammer throwers will cave in now.
  11. Need a link chaps, can't find one that works.
  12. Any

    Anyone play World Of Tanks?
  13. gossip

    Stuff this, I want us to splash out on Finnabogason who seems to be a prolific proven goalscorer. He may have ambitions to play in the EPL so why not provide him a platform in the SPL and Europe and then flog him for a big profit? Seems to be the way of things these days.
  14. Interesting stuff, I'll need to be picking this up.
  15. I suggest you read this article (Yep, I'm all for Independence) http://wingsoverscotland.com/two-cousins/#more-38168, shows up the Scum for the two-faced liars that they are. They jammed into me big style a few years ago when I was on strike, I have no love for them.