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  1. Thanks m8. How much does it work out in UK £ ?
  2. Yeah Ditto. Considering we have some very young squad players, It's been a long testing season. Whilst we want to remain unbeaten, Time to freshen up a bit. I'd be starting Griffiths now.
  3. Stalemate so far.
  4. Very possible
  5. Jammy bastards. They wanted it more tbh. We had a poor game. Sinclair & Dembele quite disappointing for me. Tactically we got it wrong, and them right. A lot of poor refereeing decisions against us again, no surprises there now. Still unbeaten. And they are celebrating like they won the league
  6. I don't know much about VPN's. Now might be the time to look at using one.
  7. Ahh, the Sevconite return. I hope the away end section is closely monitored by the Cops (pmsl) and the club to ensure no repeat of their previous visit occurs. If i'm being generous, 2-0 to the Bhoys. I hope i'm wrong, and we give them another pasting. Looking forward to extending our run. HH!!
  8. Sorry to hear this m8. Yeah, better half, different game. It all changed when Roberts and Griff came on.
  9. I thought the Big Man deserved a thread of his own. Celtic's best ever left back has sadly passed on at the age of 73, after a long illness. His memory will live on with our club forever. RIP Tommy.
  10. I don't see any issues here. Be good to see Griff get a wee shot up front. A barrow load of goals to be expected here.
  11. Good win. I missed the game due to my meeting. Need to hunt for highlights now.
  12. Not heard any timescales for Forrest. Always tough up there. 2-0 ANd hope to see Griff get a wee stint on the park.
  13. Nice one. Selling out fast, They have opened part of the top tier now.