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  1. Bhoy, that was tough. I really couldn't be fked with extra time anyways. Horrific challenge on wee KT, and how that wasn't picked up, i'll never know. It was good to see him back for the celebrations. Although he looked whiter than white Off to the Legends game with the Bhoy now, Let the celebrations continue.
  2. Fantastic end to the league season for the Celts. Invincible, Incredible. Looking forward to celebrating the treble next weekend.
  3. Hoping for at least 5/6-0 against this mob. Lets finish the league season on a high.
  4. I've seen the goals, but not the incident. Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  5. Unusual day for a kick off. Is this on the box then?
  6. It's gonna be a long weekend. Looking forward to this.
  7. That wee lad Johnstone looks amazing. Also signed a new deal
  8. I declined a ticket for this. Got so much on this month. I hope we run riot here.
  9. Total class. Way ahead of the rest. I'm enjoying every moment of it.
  10. Absolutely amazing. Never seen such a one sided game against the dark forces. Long may our reign continue. Hail fucking Hail
  11. I canny mind if I predicted any scores or not, but i'd have gone for 2-0. Going on 5 btw. More of the same please Bhoys, been outstanding. INTAE THESE BIGOTS!!!
  12. It's another GIRUY's moment
  13. Lets give them else something to talk about Celts. Hoping for a demolition job here.
  14. That was my prediction, I'm not a gambler tho. :@