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  1. gossip

    if we are in for Russell then we buy mckay steven that boy is outstanding. we need another centre back as well. and a big striker.
  2. POTY Joe Ledley YPOTY Adam Matthews
  3. guy walks into a bar says to the barman " can i have a 10 year old malt whisky" the barman pours him out a whisky and the guy slams down the glass and says to the barman "i asked for a 10 year old malt whisky thats not malt" so this goes for half an hour and a crowd gathers round the bar and the guy says you have an 18 year old malt? the barman does not want to cause a scene and gets the keys and open the cabinet and pours it in the glass and the guy drinks it he says "I can tell the age of any drink" so a drunk of guy takes the glass off the the bar and goes to the toilet and pisses in the glass he comes back barges through the crowd and slams the drink on the bar and says to the guy " Drink That" the guy takes a swig and says "thats piss" the old guy says " aye its piss, now you tell me what age am i"
  4. Jinky gone but no forgotten. R.I.P. greatest No7 ever.
  5. Adam Matthews And Joe Ledley are the Standouts, in my opinion they are very underrated players, but they have been outstanding.
  6. If we are going to go down then lets go down fighting. i hope we boot them off the park and beat them. c'mon the hoops.
  7. yeah i like it the idea, but not sure the sevconians will.
  8. How can the LNS investigation be fair when They have Campbell Ogilvie giving evidence, now if as the SFA say that they had no input into this investigation then what the hell is Campbell Ogilivie giving evidence is that not interference or am i wrong. And LNS just signed the death warrant of Scottish Football, To a certain extent the establishment have protected the Established club. it is an absolute sham.
  9. I hope so as we have a sell on fee
  10. gossip

    No Thanks.
  11. Not paying 20 quid for charlie and the bhoys. sorry but they are not that good. My honest opinion.
  12. 20 quid a ticket. that would by me 300 rounds of ammo.
  13. gossip

    McCourts a Goner, thank god for that.
  14. wait to they find out their beloved newco will be demoted in the new league setup lol
  15. gossip

    Victor should only leave if the price is 20m, he is worth every penny, Ambrose playing where victor played tonight, could that coincidental?