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  1. the ' la la la ' bit has been taken out now would need to hear this in person because i cant get to grips with it
  2. mgmt is a wank.

    1. Gaffney


      I agree with this statement.

    2. MGMT


      Fuck yees both.

  3. Xbox

    to do this, you must have communicated with members from the forum follow follow. i don't recommend this. anyway i'm in, fuck the huns, fuck follow follow and lets pump them at fifa and on sunday
  4. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bringbackstanding/ Sign the Petition.
  5. Professional lier. He should go along with Reid and co.
  6. Get a bottle of buckfast and chill in a park with some of the residents
  7. aye brilliant band, you'll have a great time
  8. tiger woods is my hero!
  9. a goal from the trialist, sounds good.
  10. Sent you a message on facebook, we will be there from about 11ish. If anyone else on the forum is going this Saturday give me a shout
  11. Same thing we hear all the time then ends up more problems and moves again
  12. All the best Kev, wish your recovery well.
  13. Win

    Holy fuck loovens :fp: Its just a joke how many decisions are going against us these days, Joe Ledley was clearly 3 yards onside but disallowed fuck sake
  14. Win

    What a start! 3-0 after 13 mins Ki Sung-Yong is showing now hes a great player. Glad wee Niall got a goal. YASSSSS STOKESY