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  1. $ points from the next 2 games is enough for 3rd- although after last nights heroics should we actually be aiming a little higher than that?
  2. We were fucking awseome could ahve been 3 goals up inside the first 10 minutes. Unbeleiveablestuff Dembele is some sort of God on the football pitch his second goal yesterday was just sublime i thought his first touch was terrible at the time before he hooked it into the corner.
  3. Big Sutton is pure legend, his dismantling of BFDJ on the snide phone in was simply top class and well overdue. BFDJ was flapping like fuck and verging on a stroke LOL
  4. wtf was janko not removed? brendan mAde some shitty decisions tonight
  5. Damn that was fucking brutal, struggling to celebrate going through after that display
  6. confirmed

    He didnt really get a fair crack of the whip here, Guidetti's form at the time didnt allow it, sure he started a few euro games but the team were as a whole rank rotten in those games
  7. I dont like them either but the tommy burns link means until they do get relegated i will want them in top league just for TB's memory
  8. Lets get the fuck outa dodge
  9. a wonderkid on a 4 year deal? Kudos to all involved, looks like we have moved up a gear
  10. It was during last seasons play-off's that i realised that there was legacy for Tommy Burns that us Celtic fans had either forgotten all about or just never thought about it. Which legacy would that be well it is not one for our own club but it does connect to our recent history and proceeded our return to the big time. That legacy is KILMARNOCK Tommy was the man that won them promotion back into the top league and set them on the way to any and all of their triumphs since then. no mean feat considering how long they were pottering about in the lower leagues. How does this relate to Celtic? Thanks to his demonstrated abilities at Killie, Wee Fergus snapped him up and as we all know Tommy went on to achive a scottish cup final victory which at the time stopped the rot of us not winning a trophy for 5 years, cementing tommy's place firmly in the hearts and minds of allthose with love for the club. So despite personally not having any affinty to killie as a team, I was and am happy about them staying up to preserve that memory and link to who was regarded one of the biggest fans to ever represent our cub at every level. So anytime you see Killie in the spfl table smile and remeber who it was that put them there.
  11. dont tar him with ronny and johnny's brush bro. He is there on merit for his previous good work
  12. Ok so the new manager has been in place for a few weeks now. So why is the transfer rumour mill so quiet regarding us? Normally by this stage of the pre season we have been linked to 20 players but all the transfer speculation has been around the other clubs and not us. Is this a sign that our manager is patiently wainting till after the euro's becuase he has his eyes on a few players at the tourney and it would be pointless to pursue them right now. or is it a sign that we have spent most of the budget on the manager and we have little to spend on players. or is it just too early for the manager to have identified which players we are going to keep/punt and therefore replacements have yet to be sounded out. I feel that we dont have enough information about this, we dont know how much cash BR has to splash, all we really know is that we defo need firepower. We need to bring in 2 strikers, a RB to challenge Mikel and possibly another CB. Boyata i would give another chance to, He has had a hard season true but he is genuinely a class act at international level and is worth giving anither chance too. For me and everyone else its about time big efe was punted. Sviatchenko is a lil rash at times but is generally solid, and i dont even remeber the name or our 5.5 mil defender that is giving boeriggter a run for his money.
  13. Is it any of the bits thats speak french
  14. didnt score enough goals but he created them too, yeah 77 in 200 is around 1 in 3 but he assisted at around the same rate, which means he was directly involved in taking or creating a goal in 2 out of every 3 games, he made what at least half of hoopers goals. thats an asset in itself. i hope he actually stays at hibs with Lenny and brings them up, under lennon hibs will be much harder to beat and may even become a force in their own right