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  1. why im looking a graphics card looking to stream from pc onto telly, but i dont have a hdmi on my pc so looking to maybe update graphics card just looking a cheap one tbh but i have to tptions atm but would either off them also cover audio as well as vision? and this one
  2. who has it folks? follow me @regicfc
  3. if anyone fancys a game later give us an add gamertag is regicfc
  4. whats reddit like? i checked on amazon and gumtree but there abit dear and not much a selection
  5. ok finally managed to get a gameboy off my mate wheres the cheapest place to get games other than ebay? any you's bhoys have old gameboy colour games there looking rid off ill be more than willing to pay depending on what sort of games off course
  6. i take it your still trying to get over the stage off holding a guys hand before hidding a hard-on?
  7. Hey guys got a job application through the door today filled in the form but for the hell off me i cant remember what it was for due to applying for so many jobs the past few days lol but its asking for the following info (please list what you consider are your main achievements to date, and why you consider yourself to be a suitable applicant for this job position) the only info i have on the job from the app form is customer service assistant so could anyone help me draft up a bull shit story as im lost on what to write down :S any help would be fantastic thanks
  8. i know dude i didnt have word as i was using wordpad and was rushing it
  9. Hey guys im applying for 3 training positions in my current work. On is in where i currently am, the other is abroad and the 3rd is for our new client based in uk. but im having abit off hassle with filling the forms in when it asks me the following as i duno how the word it in decent format so anyone that has experience in helping fill in such forms any help would be awesome. its asking me the following (relevant skills, abilities, knowledge, experience & reason for applying for this job) ive wrote down a few info about experience and why i want the job etc @@@@ maybe give example of kkey skills here mate. and performing to a high standard as part of a team and in solo jobs , self motivated, ability to delegate.
  10. hey guys i just used ccleaner to wipe history and what not on brower etc but when i go on to certain sites such as facebook, bbc etc they are coming up like the following any help on how to fix this? even when i come here its the same sort off layout :S
  11. sweet as bud and if you dont mind any info into how you flash it yourself instead of me having to send it away would be great
  12. i get them on that website dude 20 for £50 i havent had mines flashed since around oct when the LT2.0 was accounced so i dont have the latest software how would i go about updating it even myself and likes of downloading games how do you put them on disc ect?
  13. i have my xbox flashed dude so i get my games on this website :
  14. anyone suggest any decent games on the go please these are the games im getting so i need another 12 suggestions as im getting 20 games
  15. Hey Guys im looking for 600 words in regards to (how shylock is portrayed in the Merchant of Venice) checked online and cant really find anything, any help would be awesome. thanks you.