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  1. Thinking this is the spare wheel on our Brendan Bus folks....
  2. Solid just like his playing days
  3. NL has proven to be one of us. However he said sayanara few years back. DM proclaims to be one of us. MM same deal. Wheres Wim The Tim these days?
  4. Fook we were hoping for a game over here.
  5. Interesting. Status Quo at CP it seems...
  6. Young Lad for sure all the way. He arrived and showed em all how to get stuck in Tommy Burns fashion. LG was a somewhat proven striker so was kind of expected to deliver the goods. Thank fook for Super Leigh too Just fink KT put em all to shame so far home and away
  7. eff that. Can play, just not the Celtic way...
  8. Shame. In my day any natural goal scorer just needed to show up and presto! Nowadays its diet, no shagging, show up on time, say yes Sir to every tom dick n harry with no betting let alone a quick Chinese Maybe then you can put on our glorius Hoops and pray that Commons passes the ball to you in the first 15 mins ffs....
  9. Absolutely. This guy will be Offski. However to me as a CSC observer He seems to be into it and has a good bit of arrogance that will see him on doon the road Do the biz. Fook the Liz (poond)
  10. eff me O Reilly. Gr8 stats there Bhoys..
  11. Aye same to all yuos oan CT Heres tae next 100
  12. How Brave Man. You make me look like a right plonker. Well done KZ
  13. Love to rely on yous guys with the ears to the ground. Wot is the percentage of us back hame that will pay for the actual taxi?
  14. Magic, pure magic. Fink I said this Ghuy has it many moons ago. Howz everyone doing these days on CT?
  15. Gonna go to my CSC to watch. Its a 9am kick off so a 640am train. Must have a couple of Natty Daddys 25oz (1.30pints) cans lol 8% alc on the journey really cheap $219 each (1 pound 46 ) Onny cos I'm a free man for the day hoping for a result