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  1. We played really well but didn't take advantage of all the possession we had, for that reason we didn't deserve to win in my opinion - defeat is very harsh but a valuable lesson learned hopefully.
  2. Imagine we signed Michu instead of Miku. Michu only cost £2m I think we need a quality centre back first and foremost.
  3. Great post
  4. loss

    Absolutely, this is a young team and they have exceeded expectations. However!!! Having achieved 7 points from your first four games, you would be disappointed not to qualify.
  5. loss

    Missed chance, Benfica aren't the team they were even last season and if we played at one tenth the level we did against Barcelona we would win. Unfortunately we maybe showed them a bit too much respect. This isn't a disaster though, we still have a game against Spartak to salvage this and hopefully we pump them and Barca do the business in the Nou Camp.
  6. loss

    come on celtic!!!
  7. loss

    Kelvin 'Dopey' Wilson
  8. loss

    50 minutes to go. C'mon Celtic!!!!
  9. loss

    Sammy on the wing, extra protection in the middle of the park needed imo
  10. loss

    Problem with Hooper is he doesn't offer anything apart from the potential of him getting himself in a good position and nabbing a goal. Lennon has decided that he is worth having on the park and he has done no too shabby so far in the UCL so we should trust his judgement. Nothing to do with the game but; 'When are teams gonna learn that zonal marking doesn't work' Glen Hoddle Typical pundits comment that, pisses me off how much pish they talk.
  11. loss

    classic away performance. complete with goal conceded in opening 10 mins KTF tho
  12. loss

    Would have preferred Miku up front Hooper won't offer anything unless he hopefully grabs a goal
  13. loss

    look at these fucking pussies, throwing themselves on the ground
  14. loss

    playing shite. wouldnt be playing hooper tonight, hopefully he proves me wrong tho
  15. loss

    NO FEAR!!!