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  1. good work there,thanks for showing us the post,hail hail,xxxxxxx :Celticscarf2: :borucflag:
  2. i am just glad calwell is leaving,what a great xmas pressie,i couldn't ask for a better gift than that,woohoo,get im to fcuk,lmfao :yahoo_mini: :yahoo_mini: :yahoo_mini:
  3. UEFA warn that if Rangers fans are found guilty the club could face "a warning or reprimand right through to a suspension or closure of grounds." .05 November 2009 11:08 AM Comment (1) ....135063 UEFA have said that they will investigate Rangers claims that the incompetence of match officials in led to trouble in the stands. They added that Rangers could face being thrown out of Europe or have Ibrox closed. Images of violent confrontations between fans and stewards in the Steaua Stadium were screened on TV screens across Europe. Now UEFA's director of communications Rob Faulkner has said reports from the official delegates will be considered before any action is taken. "As far as we can establish at the moment it seems there were a number of Rangers supporters who came late into the stadium, and we need to find out why," Faulkner told Sky Sports News. "Then there was an issue about where they were going to sit as apparently there were banners already placed there, which resulted in the request to remove some banners, which seems to have ended in a clash between stewards and some supporters. "We'll wait until we get all the facts in from our official reports and we'll study those before we decide what to do." He warned: "The punishments could range from a warning or reprimand right through to a suspension or closure of grounds." Rangers fans and spokesmen were quick to slam poor organisation at the stadium which they say led to CS gas being used on fans before the match had kicked off. Martin Bain, Rangers chief executive, admitted there had been “unacceptable” behaviour from some fans, but said he would be making representations to UEFA on behalf of the Rangers support. He claimed a promise that four turnstiles would be open for visiting fans was not kept, causing problems which were compounded, he claimed, by police using CS gas. Faulkner said: "If that's the case, definitely [we will look at it]. If that's what had been agreed beforehand... again we'll have this in the reports. He added: "We should get the reports in during the course of today, and then we'll look at those. If we need to discuss with people who were there on site we will do that, and obviously we'll take action after that.” Last updated: 05 November 2009, 11:16
  4. ffs,the polis should have went over for the hun's game last night,they are the trouble maker's,scotland's shame,let the polis watch the tic fan's they will be bored cause there wnt b any trouble off of us,
  5. Violent scenes have marred Rangers' Champions League match in Romania on Wednesday night. Police and stewards clashed with Rangers supporters in the Steaua Stadium during the game against Unirea Urziceni in Bucharest. A handful of the estimated 2,000 travelling fans were seen throwing seats and surging forward to confront the security at the 27,500 capacity stadium. Television cameras showed police and security using their batons and discharging what appeared to be pepper spray to repel the fans. Speaking after the match, Andy Kerr, president of the Rangers Supporters Assembly, said that there had earlier been trouble outside the ground as fans tried to gain entry to the ground. He said: "I’ve been told there was pressure at the front [of the crowd]. Spray was used, which was used before the match. "The last time we had similar problems was in Artmedia Bratislava. They always seem surprised that we all turn up at the same time to try to get in. "This is the Champions League. It’s supposed to be the best stadiums in the world. This ain’t the best stadium in the world." He added: "In the big scheme of things this is a minor incident." Last updated: 05 November 2009, 09:51
  6. yeah zaluska is good cover,but boruc is my fav,i think everyone know's that by now,lmao
  7. yeah zaluska is good cover,but boruc is my fav,i think everyone know's that by now,lmao
  8. Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc has undergone knee surgery which will keep him out for at least three weeks. The Poland international has missed Celtic's last three matches with a thigh injury, so the club decided to put him in for the operation to fix an ongoing knee problem. The surgery took place after Celtic were granted permission by UEFA to involve back-up goalkeeper Dominic Cervi for the Europa League clash in Hamburg on Thursday. The American was not in Celtic's 25-man squad for the competition but he will be on the bench in Germany as Lukasz Zaluska continues in goal. Manager Tony Mowbray told the Evening Times: "We would not have agreed to Artur having the operation if the clearance for Dominic had not been granted. "Now the hope is Artur will be back in time for the league game against Dundee United in three weeks." Boruc will definitely miss the Clydesdale Bank Premier League trip to Falkirk on Sunday, but the Tannadice clash on November 22 is Celtic's next match after that. Copyright © PA Sport 2009. Last updated: 02 November 2009, 16:06
  9. Boruc out after op Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc has undergone knee surgery which will keep him out for at least three weeks. Get well soon big man,it will be good to see you back playing again,i miss that handsome face of,
  10. i will go with the 50/50,lol :drink_mini:
  11. :drink_mini: :drink_mini: maybe samaras has been on the red bull :rofl_mini:
  12. e.s.p.n it is then,brill
  13. well i broke my wee toe last nite,but drank a btl of wine to dull the pain,lol :drink_mini: :drink_mini:
  14. i think larsson was a legend,but would never compare him too wee jinky,wee jinky played with his heart,he loved the celtic thru and thru,he wasnt on a great wage compared to what players get today,jinky was very special and you will never see another wee man like him,hopefully larsson will come back to paradise one day,(i pray for it to happen)but jinky is my all time celtic hero,luvd the guy,he will never ever be forgotten because he is in every celtic fan's hearts,R.I.P jinky,hail hail