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  1. I would never in a month of Sunday's had Roy Keane replace Neil Lennon, but I now feel that if given the option, I would definitely be more accepting toward that if it ever materialized. Preferably, I would love if Moyes or Rodgers got it, just because it has been a very long time since Celtic last had a manager who offered a lot of experience, but we shall see what unfolds.
  2. Classy. I haven't liked the home strip since the 10-12 version, but I really like this one. The away strip looks decent too!
  3. gossip

    I can't see us signing anyone from any of the relegated teams from the EPL. Their wages will be far too pricey, especially the squad players at QPR who definitely don't have the ability to match up with their massive pay checks. If Hooper does leave (you just never know), I'd be interested in us trying to get Adam Le Fondre. I suggested him before he went to Reading, he has proven himself as a natural goalscorer in all the divisions in England and would definitely be a good replacement. I'm sure he'll be a wanted man in the summer.
  4. Gaffney is in the process of making changes, I'm sure.
  5. I Love You, Man - Great film, Lui Ferrigno even appears. I'd recomend to those who haven't seen it!
  6. Redknapp is a really intellegent bloke. I have a lot of time for him, despite him being as crooked as the next stereo-typical cockney. I respect his mentality about football and I don't think he's in the wrong here. QPR should not be giving mediocre players a ridiculous wage that won't benefit them at all and the chairmen should have been smart enough with their money in the first place and not pissed it all away, which is what Mark Hughes does with money - the likes of Roque Santa Cruz and other dead wood at City who didn't bother their arse. QPR will avoid relegation.
  7. Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed
  8. Social Media seems to be a good outlet for vouting your shite these days. I've seen the likes of amcc getting a few re-tweets from some of my followers. He was a good poster, dunno if he's still around or not. I don't think Irish and Proud even uses Celtic forums anymore, I've noticed he's became heavily into his online gaming. Not necessarily other forums that are taking members away, but the fact that fans may feel it's easier to argue/share their views on the likes of twitter as maybe they just don't like forums in general? Their is a lot more we as staff could do I think, in terms of advertising and getting more members onto the site to contribute. This site was decent a few years ago when the members listed in the OP all joined in or around the same time which gave the forum more character. Possibly the best period this forum has seen. But there is still plenty of time for this place to revive itself, and I'm sure it will. Gaffney is a busy man and it must be increasingly difficult to live your life along with trying to make sure you're not throwing your own money down the shitter by having an inactive forum. He's done a lot of good for this site and spent a lot of money in the process, all through his love for Glasgow Celtic.
  9. I was 18000 in the world online. Not played it for a couple of days then seen that I was 40000 odd.
  10. I seen Taken 2 yesterday without seeing the first. Was no bad
  11. Just sold Sammy for 36k, 4k profit. I'm relieved.
  12. Trabzonspor have set their sights on Celtic midfielder Ki Sung-Yong. Trabzon manager Şenol Güneş, built a close relationship with Ki during his time managing Korean giants FC Seoul between 2007-09 and is keen on a reunion with the 23 year old midfielder. Güneş gave Ki his K League debut in 2007 along with Lee Chung-Yong and helped both players develop into the leagues most promising young prospects. Ki is reported to be uncertain about his future at Celtic, he recently told reporters at Incheon International Airport, Korea, "Since the season is now over, it’s time to think deeply about my future. "First, I need to take a rest since I’m physically and mentally tired. I will need to make a decision about my future very carefully," Ki said. Ki followed by replying to questions concerning his future saying, "It has to be a team that I can play for. If I can play on the pitch, it doesn’t matter which league it is," Ki told reporters. The South Korean international joined Celtic from FC Seoul in, Dec 2009, for €2.4 million in a deal which will see him contracted to the club until 2014. Ki scored seven goals and made six assists in 39 games for The Bhoys in last seasons title winning league campaign.
  13. Stand By Me is an incredible film, as is the Goonies!