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  1. Great Celt. Time to move on and prove himself at another club. An excellent footballer
  2. My celticlive feed is down so I'm fkd would appreciated your updates. It's 11:18 nyc. Thanks guys
  3. I believe Rogers is the sort of guy who will get the best out of this player
  4. We will see. Time will tell but he's not an unknown quantity for Brendan at least.
  5. Excellent
  6. Great news. Need a striker.. Come on Brendan find us another King
  7. I feel stokes would have flourished under Rogers.. Deila again fkd up in clearing out Lenny's old guard.. congrats Anthony on your ass kicking performance against the Orcs today brother. Missed at paradise HH
  8. excellent point I totally agree with your analysis
  9. Now Orcs .... Whadda think of that!!!!!!!!! welcome Brendan
  10. Thank you.. DD and lawwell saw the writing on the wall from us. They were that close to loosing the supporters and the club. So about time you two fkrs got it right. now onwards. I pray Brendan does not tip his cap to lawwell and allow him to interfere as he did with that idiot deila. Give brendn his space and allow him to use his great talents give him money and let's see him march on mordor and Europe Hail hail Brendan welcome to paradise
  11. I have zero confidence in this Bullcrap. The man IS closely involved in the manager and team as seen w Ronny d. I am now convinced that Roy Keane will be appointed. This will be a disgrace after the way he treated Celtic when he came here last time as a broken down horse to fulfill his own fk. Curiosity. Fk you Keano. Leave us alone. I don't want you here, ever. Rogers would be the astute business appointment from all perspectives.. DD better get this right this time as I'm sick of his bs lack of effort in the CL
  12. What waste of time