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  1. Was at the game as a mate had gave me his book so I took the wee man along to see the champions. The game didn't disappoint but i was disappointed by the lack of turnout. Official attendance was 52,000 but ud be lucky if it was 40!! Plenty empty seats. But why?? It was a glorious day, we're playing attractive football, we're unbeaten in the league, chasing a treble, hammering the Huns, what's not to like? St Johnstone even tried to make a game of it! I could understand it if this was during deilas tenure, as I had a season book then and saw advertising covering many empty blocks and if you couldn't make a game, you couldn't give your book away to a friend! But now!!? Where the fuck was everyone!?
  2. Haha!! The chickens have came home to roost. Mind when they were doin this to us in the 90s with money they didni have. Ow were doin it to them, with money we do have and paying our bills. GIRFUY. Zombie bastards. Could have scored easily 8 today and it wouldn't have flattered us. The manky mob will struggle again next year and we'll b our way to 10 in a row. Payback (pun intended) is a bitch.
  3. Bossed the game in the first half. 70odd% possession. Got the early goal in second half which they started brighter. But they had a few half chances towards the end which I am putting down to us taking our foot off the gas, which I didn't like. Giving them hope for next week or givin them hope if they managed to sneak one, could have been squeaky bum time. Broony was immense today. Dunno if he's eligible to play next week?? If no, hope Armstrong dominates the middle. He's was quieter today, but effective. Dembele goin off is also a blow but glad for grif as he looked in the mood when he came on. Heres hopin its the same result next week as they'll want credit for stopping the invincibles The futures bright, the futures green and white. COYBIG
  4. Im glad it's the international break. Looks like a few of our players could be doin with a wee rest. Esp Dembele and Sinclair. Haven't looked as sharp recently. Although you cannot complain considering what they have done over the past 30 games. But I feel the break will be good for the team and hopefully freshen them up. I would also like to see a few others get more game time. Roberts and grif and poss Henderson. Even gamboa just to give the team freshness that I think has been lacking past few games.
  5. Well done Sinclair. But there goes ma bet
  6. Armstrong first goal. 3-1 win. They've been quite boyant past few weeks. Fancy them to sneak a goal. I'd like to see griff get some time (at least 20mins) as well and get a goal. Any idea how long Forrest is out for?
  7. Just read rogic has done his ankle quite bad and will be out for at least 2 months. Shame. I was looking forward to him comin back into the team as he has been in superb form. Suppose it means Armstrong has to continue to perform and cement his place in the team. I hope he comes back and picks up where he left off, a la Kieran tierney. Full article here.
  8. And another £6m from champs league revenue in June!
  9. The thing that gets me wi the pen, the defender turns his body. None of his arms are out. How can it be deliberate! Once again shows how pish Scottish refs are
  10. They've had 2 decent deliveries into the box, two headers, two goals. We need to be tighter on our men. 1st goal Bitton didn't jump, second one boyata was a yard off wotherspoon.
  11. I think tierney is an awesome talent and could go on to be a club legend as his heart is in the right place. I would love him to stay, and I think he will, certainly for the next few seasons. However, I would notbegrudge him moving to a top club in a few years as I think he has the potential to be a world class LB, and there aren't too many around. He's certainly already better than palace and Sunderland!
  12. Haha! What do I know!! Never saw the game. Followed text. Seems he played well,and although there was not much pressure on him, what came his way he dealt with effectively. If BR can develop him properly, then great. But one goal and a decent performance doesn't mean he's a mainstay. One swallow doesn't make a summer.
  13. Boyata at the back. Hmmmm. Is Erik fully fit? I don't rate boyata much.
  14. Cheers.
  15. I use kodi on my amazon fire stick to access live streams. Any idea how I access this add on, or I'm totally barking up the wrong tree here!