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  1. Im glad it's the international break. Looks like a few of our players could be doin with a wee rest. Esp Dembele and Sinclair. Haven't looked as sharp recently. Although you cannot complain considering what they have done over the past 30 games. But I feel the break will be good for the team and hopefully freshen them up. I would also like to see a few others get more game time. Roberts and grif and poss Henderson. Even gamboa just to give the team freshness that I think has been lacking past few games.
  2. Well done Sinclair. But there goes ma bet
  3. Armstrong first goal. 3-1 win. They've been quite boyant past few weeks. Fancy them to sneak a goal. I'd like to see griff get some time (at least 20mins) as well and get a goal. Any idea how long Forrest is out for?
  4. Just read rogic has done his ankle quite bad and will be out for at least 2 months. Shame. I was looking forward to him comin back into the team as he has been in superb form. Suppose it means Armstrong has to continue to perform and cement his place in the team. I hope he comes back and picks up where he left off, a la Kieran tierney. Full article here.
  5. And another £6m from champs league revenue in June!
  6. The thing that gets me wi the pen, the defender turns his body. None of his arms are out. How can it be deliberate! Once again shows how pish Scottish refs are
  7. They've had 2 decent deliveries into the box, two headers, two goals. We need to be tighter on our men. 1st goal Bitton didn't jump, second one boyata was a yard off wotherspoon.
  8. I think tierney is an awesome talent and could go on to be a club legend as his heart is in the right place. I would love him to stay, and I think he will, certainly for the next few seasons. However, I would notbegrudge him moving to a top club in a few years as I think he has the potential to be a world class LB, and there aren't too many around. He's certainly already better than palace and Sunderland!
  9. Haha! What do I know!! Never saw the game. Followed text. Seems he played well,and although there was not much pressure on him, what came his way he dealt with effectively. If BR can develop him properly, then great. But one goal and a decent performance doesn't mean he's a mainstay. One swallow doesn't make a summer.
  10. Boyata at the back. Hmmmm. Is Erik fully fit? I don't rate boyata much.
  11. Cheers.
  12. I use kodi on my amazon fire stick to access live streams. Any idea how I access this add on, or I'm totally barking up the wrong tree here!
  13. Bit gutted about this. I really rate the youngster and wished Brendan had gave him more time or planned to give him more time on the park as when he did play, he seemed to cut the mustard. Although, I hope goin to the sheep on loan is good for him and mcinnes gives him games, as that's what he needs. Tbh, but sick of us buying decent Scottish talent and not giving them a chance and basically wasting a significant time in their careers as benchwarmers. And then us buyin imports who are not necessarily better. Not wantin to put pressure on young Eboue, but at £3m, he needs to hit the ground running. Giod luck to Ryan.
  14. Really!!? I'd b very surprised if that happened. If Dembele got injured we'd no have a solid striker. Couldn't see him wantin away anyway. I thought he tweeted his calf was tight.
  15. £3m seems a lot for a boy who's only 19, never played for his country and is pretty much an unknown in western football. Thats not to say he isn't talented. Another midfielder though!! Albeit, defensive one. Is this the door for Bitton to leave? I like the fact he's still very young and it appears Brendan enjoys giving youth a chance. Although what does this say about our academy if we can't churn out a decent midfielder!? Henderson (who I like) must be miffed. Is this a "one for the future" purchase, coz if you look at our midfield, who does he come in to replace? I presume he'll not be one of the first names on the team sheet and as a result, you need to ask why we have shelled out £3m (significant sum) for him then!? would much rather we shelled out for a solid defender. Although it's still early days.
  16. Never seen such an open game for a while. Although we were far more dominant and should have scored at least 2 more, they had far too many chances for my liking. And had their decision making been better and had Gordon not been as alert, it may have been a different story. Have the back 4 became a little complacent? Izziguere came onto a game but was gash first half and again made me realise how much we miss tierney. Erik looked lackadaisical at times and caused their goal. Jozo done ok I thought as did lustig who had a hard time against the much quicker mackay. I thought the central partnership of jozo and Erik is our strongest and thought they had gelled and sorted mistakes out, but I felt yesterday they looked quite vulnerable especially with the amount of chances the zombies had. I would like to see another CB come in Jan window ,as kolo is only cover and he too looked sloppy the past few performances, to try push these two. Competition Seems to be working elsewhere on the park. 2nd half was excellent though. Some of the passing was awesome and I just wish Armstrong had scored his little dink shot as the build up to that was fantastic. I feel he is becoming a very important player for us and would love him to become future captain if his performances continue and when brown retires (if he's still here!). Woul love to go through season unbeaten. That would be an awesome achievement. But plenty to be cheerful about in 2017. We have a good balance of youth and experience and BR not shy to play young players Andy give them a chance, namely Christie, who I think is a decent player Andy would like to see more of. Just hope we have learned from past mistake and BUILD from a posisition of strength and identify and sort weakenesses properly rather than using a stop gap. So happy new year folks. Here we go, 10 in a row...
  17. shouldn't. But fitbas a funny auld game! 3-0. Grif and rogic on the scoresheet. Dembele has looked a little flat past few games. I'd give him a rest and start griff upfront. And when's tierney back!! Izzy has looked very suspect deputising. If partick get any joy, it'll be down that wing. I'd even go 3 at the back coz he's often badly out of position when defending.
  18. Oh gaff, sorry to hear this. Hope your family can seek some comfort in the fact that this beast has now been caught and cannot harm anyone else in future. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
  19. CG back between the sticks was good to see, however didn't cover himself in glory goin all Bruce Lee on the Alloa striker. I mean WTF was that all about!! What's the deal with our keepers just now? Ropey as fuck!
  20. Thirded! Hopefully brendan will read this thread!
  21. my sentiments exactly. I'm not worried that we haven't kept a clean sheet since start of the season, I'm terrified!! We cannot always rely on our forwards to score more goals than we concede, that's ludicrous. I can cope with losin a slack goal when your 3-0 up, but we were all over ICT when they equalised. De Vries has done heehaw to take control of the number 1 jersey. He has been questionable for several goals and I'd like Gordon back in goals for a few games. Aye, he may be better than Gordon with his feet(or so it's been said), but I'd rather have a class shot stopper than a sweeper keeper. As much as I like to be optimistic, I can only see another hammering from city when they visit. On another note, I know Brendan likes a bit of squad rotation and likes to keep squad fresh, but we're only 5 games in, had an international break, of which not all were part of, so which unfit lazy bastards need a rest!? Get fuckin on with it! McGregor was rank and should have been hooked. If he wants freshness, why was Christie not put on? And why put Armstrong on wi 5 mins to go?? Never, ever understood that? Give them at least 10-15 mins FFS,
  22. Agree wi most of that, but I'd keep Armstrong. He, like many, has looked rejuevenated under Brendan and I think deserves the chance to show what he can do. And I'd only keep ciftci coz we've only got 4 recognised strikers. Although we've been playing most games wi one striker anyway and midfield have chipped in wi plenty. But once we get another decent striker, I'd say adios ciftci.
  23. I also though formation was wrong. Players didni look as comfortable, who was supposed to be pickin up who, etc...Even with 5 at the back (and sometimes 6!) barca still found holes. Simply down to their passing and moving. Our players were far too static and not goin with runners. had we done that more, it may only have been a few. The 3 in the middle were extremely narrow at times and I don't know if that was deliberate or not but even then barca were still able to go right through us Even if Dembele had scored, I think we may have been delayin the Inevitable. I accept we are a club in transition and we need to remember Rodgers only took over 3/4 months ago so, it's a learning curve for him and many in the team. So it's a pumpin take it on the chin, and move on. Just don't wreck the toilets Also agree with Kevza about CG. De Vries has not looked too clever, and not any better, than CG. I'd sub him for the weekend game to make sure he knows he's not an automatic start.
  24. Indeed. What else do you expect from Scotland shame. Having said that, it must have been a sensible Hun that continued to video the destruction and then somehow upload it to social media.