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  1. R.I.P Madiba.
  2. Wow... This should be interesting
  3. gossip

    At this point I don't think as a club we would entertain "decent" offers, it would have to be extraordinary offers as we've already transferred 2 key players. By the way that isn't because he is such a "Fantastic" player, I just think we would have to already have a solid replacement with Efe's abilities or greater to take over before offers would be entertained. Would I miss Efe? I dunno, I know I wouldn't miss his sloppy play and lack of hustle on the pitch at times.
  4. From what I saw during the first leg of this, this match should be a Verrry physical game. I would expect the Elfsborg side to be throwing out fouls like they are going outta style and I just hope the refs have enough sense to call them on the shit out w/ some yellows & reds unlike what we saw in the first match up.
  5. Marm, thanks for bringing this up mate. Sometimes I think we get caught up in the bonehead moves we attract too instead of looking at the positives.
  6. Ambrose looking real sloppy
  7. no reason to risk it, we don't need a newly signed man being out for weeks by staying in.
  8. absolutely
  9. ffs how many injuries can we fuckin have...
  10. finally
  11. I agree completely that £2m is not enough, I'm thinking £2.75-£3m would be around what would be a reasonable offer which we could haggle off of from there.
  12. I heard one of the Midfielders in your squad setup is about to leave us to go play in the Page 3 Model League, he jus has to pass the medical
  13. Yeah I think a 3-4-3 Flat would work nicely with this group. From what I've seen of derk, he can get the ball where it needs to be and I'm excited to see him cross some Magic into the money zone for us.
  14. Four year deal eh, looks like he really is here to progress and excel for the long run so it seems.
  15. Derk is basically in the bag, so that is an easy pick for the time being.