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  1. That game single handedly raised my blood pressure and gave me anxiety. Janko was utter mince surprised Rodgers never pulled him off we're lucky to be going through after that performance.
  2. Glad we managed to retain our 3 goal advantage, I doubt any recent Celtic side could have done it. So I'm looking for the positives.
  3. Yas! Said 2-0 but then Gordon tried to replicate Manuel Neuer and failed. Other than that we were all over them just lacking the tempo at times but we done it in the end and that's all that matters hail hail bhoys
  4. Great desire shown by Paddy not giving up on that ball leading to the goal.
  5. I think we will have them at Parkhead 2-0 at least.
  6. Good result for us, never thought we'd score and no one gave us a chance.
  7. My internets acting a cunt, can't watch. hope we can keep this at 1-0 though. Any streams?
  8. http://lineupbuilder.com/?sk=by24d < My line up for the match.
  9. 1-0 Astana - Call me pessimistic but I think we'll win 2-0 at Parkhead.
  10. ipb

    Hail Hail and welcome to the forums mate.
  11. Another plastic pitch, hope we can play better than we did in Gibraltar. Edit: Just a few facts. Last year after putting out Maribor, HJK and APOEL they were in the Champion League in a group with Benfica, Atletico and Galatasaray, they drew every home game and lost every away game. They are currently ranked in 118th in the UEFA co-efficient we're ranked 46th. They are owned by a company worth $78bn.
  12. His experience will help surely in the champions league games and now we can get Ambrose the Efe out.