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  1. gossip

    I hope we have a good excuse for rejecting that.
  2. Feruz is a wee wank. Never forgive him for what he done, couldn't believe it.
  3. Excellent in that first season, remember the talk of Liverpool and Man United? I know for sure Ferguson was there to see him in one of the derbies against them. Injuries however absolutely curtailed his career here. I still think of what might have been... an on form Kayal in a 4 man midfield of.. Brown Wanyama Kayal Ledley Ok, no natural width but that midfield would win games on it's own and would see us well in Europe. Van Dijk and Denayer behind them as well...Hooper up top with Guidetti...my jesus.
  4. I doubt he will make it there, but, who knows. I'd loved to have seen him here, if RD was here earlier as well I reckon we would have pursued Ryan Gauld with a bit more seriousness as well. See he scored 2 last night for Sporting... Imagine a 3 behind the striker of... Odegaard Gauld Henderson Average age of 18. Would have been great to see...however, lets hope Liam can outmatch them both.
  5. Brilliant performance, probably our second best one of the season domestically behind the win against United in August, albeit against the worst Motherwell side in god knows how long. Really enjoyed that though, some excellent quick, good to watch football and I think we are finally seeing the evidence of RD's hard work on the training ground. Infact, we have been seeing it for a while now IMO, it just hasn't always clicked like it did tonight. This will probably be the turning point in the season, Hamilton have had their moment, United will crumble and I cannot see Aberdeen sustaining this form. Especially as they need to come and face us at CP in March for what I hope will be a sell out for the first time in a while. That is the thing. It's all fine and well saying "oh the title challenge is on" but there is only one side in the league who people expect to win every week, and thats us. There is always the chance of Aberdeen slipping up week in week out. So could we ofcourse, but it is rare that we will do so, especially playing this sort of football. I thought Griffiths was excellent tonight btw. I'm still not sure that he can be the main man upfront in a lone striker role but time will tell. I personally like him in the right hand side role of the 3-behind the main striker. It allows him to cut in, use his excellent shot and crossing ability while also interchanging with the other 3 and getting into the box. Unsure what the story with Guidetti is though....didn't look overly arsed in the warm up tonight. I'd really like to see him play against the huns but as it stands I don't think he will start...which is a shame as only a month or so ago it was all talk of hat-tricks and pumpings from him. Whether he signs on in the summer or not I hope he can get his head down and do us a turn in the remaining months of the season. He's a player I personally think could be a real cult hero here, he has showed that already with his passion. It's a blow that he has lost that form lately but he could still get it back. I've maintained from the moment he signed that he is still not at 100 percent, and even now, 5 or so months into the season I still don't think he is. After 3 years on the sidelines and hammered with injuries, no regular first team football, it took alot for him to come in and make the immediate impact that he did. If we could somehow persuade him to sign and get a full pre-season behind him, we easily have a 30 goal a season striker on our hands and one capable of being our go-to man in Europe. Seen far too many people saying we could do better...fact is...I struggle to think of anyone who represents the same value for money, attitude, ability and potential.. 3 wins on the trot, 8 goals (should be more) 0 conceded. Winter break serving us well so far.
  6. From the winner against Barca to Charlton. Feck me.
  7. If we turn up, with Lustig and Denayer back fit then we could beat them with this squad. A few new faces would help mind. They aren't great at all, honest. Neither are we by any means but we could have actually had worse draws, a few years ago we wouldn't have been saying that but times have changed.
  8. Deila doesn't have plans for him, I think that is clear, to me anyway. He might try and deny it and give it the whole 'He's an important player, been a mainstay the past few seasons, going nowhere' etc but he doesn't have the energy or pace to carry out that role. In Lennon's style aye but not the one Deila is trying to incorporate. Johansen has been fantastic in there and has better qualities to carry it out more effectively. Whenever Commons has played this season he has looked off the pace, touch and awareness not always there. I'd still like to keep him, as we seen in Zagreb he is capable of producing some good moments, we all know that. However he is not going to be the same player he was under Lennon. Can't say I am overly dissapointed, I think we have looked better with him out of that role behind the striker. His goals last season were tremendous, but he will never recapture that sort of form. Was a complete one off. I'd give him a 2 year deal tops.
  9. Loans are sometimes a much better option. Imagine we had spunked around £6M combined on Tonev Berget Wakaso Jesus.
  10. I seen that. I never knew he had moved to Al-Arabi in fucking Qatar! I mean, he is only 22 and could have his pick of a good few quality european level sides, but instead money comes calling. Incredible. We'd be hard pushed to get anywhere near his wages now but he is a player I have always liked. These are 2 I'd suggest as well.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf961dK-76c Fast, young, skillful, direct, eye for goal and sell on value, Scandinavian so known to Deila no doubt. Everything we need.
  11. Looking forward to this , February is going to be some month for us. Booked my flights to Milan, and should be guaranteed a ticket for the home game. Bring it on.
  12. This isn't the same Inter Milan. If we strengthen in January and have Guidetti fully fit then we are in with a good chance of knocking them out. I seen the Azerbaijani champions play them off the park the other night...
  13. Don't rate him at all. He has pace but that is pretty much it. Technically not great at all, clumsy looking, plenty of fight and desire but we need better in the wide areas, especially for the wage and price of his transfer.
  14. Not sure who I want. Every team in that draw is dangerous to be honest, especially with our unpredictability in Europe nowadays.
  15. I'm convinced Tonev said something about Logan's maw and he thought I'm going to take this fucker for a ride and play the 'racism card' here and get this guy done. Also, for what it's worth, in his past few appearances he hasn't done too badly. Missed a few chances last night, but given a run of games could be useful. Certainly blessed with some amount of pace.