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  1. boyata has scored a few of late
  2. i said here a while back simunovic and sviatchenko would be a future partnership for us and today has cemented that , kolo will give them both experience and teach them along the way when he plays and i hope we can keep him on in a capacity as a defensive coach, in the all my life we have needed a guy like toure and his mistakes midweek were just a crazy turn of events , he has saved us in alot of games in europe and he is vital IMO to keep after he retires in some capacity. to the game, jozo walked that game with a ganja pipe in his gub , erik scored and there was fuck all wrong with it , broon was good , forrest pish and wasted umpteen chances to send a cross in , if youre a striker and see that its frustrating , bitton was mince and looks like a giraffe on heat the way he plops aboot that midfield latley , stuart armstrong who i have slated for months turned the game for me, his urgency and legs drove us on, got to admit with the chances we had i thought after hitting the bar and the goal chalked off it wouldnt have been our day , great display by that rangers keeper , if that was the other fella we would have won by 3 HH
  3. jjust read he's gothe a strain too , jozo is an ideal replacement, him and Erik would be a great partnership for years to come
  4. Looking forward to it , even though we seem to shoot ourselves in the foot in semis at hampden sometimes. Roberts looked back to himself when he came and dangerous against BM , for rest after a good spell hasnt been as good as he was but I still think he will start. My team would be this , I know Rodgers won't pick this but just for the craic Gordon Lustig Erik Kolo Tierney Brown Rogic Bitton Sinclair Roberts Dembele I have a feeling Griffiths might start HH 3-1 The hoops
  5. into them celtic , nothing to fear here, dont let them settle and get at them from the off. 4-1
  6. http://www.vipleague.is/football/404352/1/fc-astana-vs-celtic-live-stream-online.html
  7. no after 2 games? lol fortune was a dumpling, this guy has it, wait and see
  8. agree mate, but i think dembele will come good when settled, i watched his movement and its good, peeling off defenders , he just lacked that finish but i think he will score for us , good turns too.
  9. that keeper has saved them from a hammering, but so has our finishing , overall a good display