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  1. Frail Leaves CELTIC Football Club has announced that Development Coach Stevie Frail has left the club. Professional Academy Manager Tommy McIntyre will be in charge of the Development Side in the meantime, until a more permanent appointment is announced... "Frail, 46, has been part of the Celtic backroom staff since 2009 when he made the move to Glasgow from Hearts, where he took temporary charge of the first-team on two occasions..." http://www.celticfc.net/news/8991? http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11787/9975741/stevie-frail-leaves-role-as-celtic-development-coach?
  2. Any decent links for iPhone, tried that Cicfree but wouldn't let me press any the x's
  3. A really hope he does good. He might get "The fabled seemed to be cursed right now No.7" lol and Wakaso is that fast he makes fast people look non-fast haha
  4. source

    A do remember Ronny saying he would like to play for Celtic before he retires.
  5. This list compiled by Sky Sports, just wondering what your views on these players are and if we should try and sign them (Obviously I know we won't but) and add any other players that would like to see. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/21476/9453660/free-transfer-xi-the-pick-of-the-players-still-available-following-the-closure-of-the-transfer-window
  6. A love you to Kenny don't worry there's enough to share haha lol
  7. Haha love you to buddy
  8. Cheers mate, didn't think anyone would have missed me haha
  9. Playing contract into a coaching contract if he's interested in becoming a coach.
  10. Pep I'd rather get loans instead of paying a couple of mill per player and they turn out shite, and McD aye it shut at 11.
  11. I found this but still not much info http://videocelts.com/2014/09/blogs/latest-news/celtic-complete-guidetti-deal
  12. Cheers Kenny, I'm only going by what it said on SSN BigE.
  13. On SSN signed him on loan.
  14. Looks like Pukki is off to a good start then, Mon the hoops HH!!