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  1. Fuk Man U
  2. Go have a go see what happens HH
  3. Hope you and your family get thru this difficult time YNWA
  4. Ripping seats out is daft, wud hate to see someone hurt with flares etc needs sorted HH
  5. Stokes and pukki aren't scoring althou they combined well fir stokes goal,that wud be my only worry but a good performance great to see the young lad get a goal, wanted johnstone to get a run out thou HH
  6. Extract from mandelas diary dated 5th may 1981: irish republican army martyr Bobby Sands dies. Slan Madiba Father of Freedom
  7. Friendly with a couple of ict players and they thought Hartley was getting the job, I'm sure il hear how he settles in over next week or so, good luck to yogi
  8. Fuk sake Lenny get back up the road leave all shite behind ye
  9. Never a Celtic captain Never Will be IMO
  10. The mighty Albion Rovers Coatbrig's finest beat them in the cup surely we will pump them usual score 3-1 commons AGAIN as we've no strikers scoring
  11. Mo mo fuk you mo
  12. I must be watching something else lol great goal at the weekend but I Wudnt hold him too highly in a very average team.
  13. Wish we cud buy a sutton or a hartson but them days are a distant memory
  14. Zombies at home hit another 7
  15. Loved it but none of our strikers scored in the 7 goals shud we worry ?