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  1. I have been informed by someone in the know that things will be moving fairly soon on this.
  2. Celtic Football ClubVerified account‏@celticfcBREAKING NEWS: Celtic FC is delighted to announce that it has appointed Brendan Rodgers as the Club's new manager.
  3. Hope to fuck it's not Keane. He's at least 2 beers short of a 6 pack and likely ti erupt at any given time. Body swerve please Dermot. My preferred choice would be Brendan Rodgers he set's his sides up to play the game most if not all Tims want to see our side play with a freedom to express themselves and attack teams. He is media savvy comes across well in Interview and as Gerrard stated one of the best man Managers he had played under. He will have good contacts in England and a fair bit of knowledge about the lower League talent that's available I should imagine. He also prefers 3-5-2 but is known to mix Formations to suit the occasion so will keep both the fans and the media guessing until matchday how and who we will set up to play. The time has come now for the Board to get serious about transfers for Eurrope we need a good clearout of the old guard and bring in some proven quality if we are serious about Champions League. No more potential or unproven talent we need players who will come in and hit the ground running.
  4. The bulk of the goals have actually come from midfield and although Griffiths is on course to equal the records of McClair and Larsson he has still only scored less than a third of the 104 goals scored this season.That works out at an average of more than 2 goals a game in every game played btw. A sure sign the System we play is not reliant on the striker(s) scoring the bulk of the goals. Hence why Deila has signed so many Midfielders.
  5. Based purely on his ability I would say yes he's been better than Lustig this Season the games I have seen himplay can certainly overlap for 90 minutes no danger. The Tonev situation complicates matters though that should be put to one side as we don't actually know what was said if anything.
  6. Tierney by a country mile been outstanding. Best goal between the Commons Volley and last weeks winner from Rogic. Went for Rogic due to the goals significance.
  7. I predicted we would win the League by 8-10 Points in the Summer after we lost Denaayer and Van Dijk. I still think it will be in and around that number. If we can secure another double Deila should get till January in my opinion. Loss of those 2 mentioned above and the multiple injuries/loss of form to Lustig Mulgrew Jozo Brown Armstrong and Johansen have badly affected plans this season.
  8. Deary me.
  9. I think Deila needs to break up the old guard and put his own mark on the side. Some of his signings have been rank too so a few of them will go I should think? Defence: Efe Blackett Izzy Midfield: Boerrigter Forrest Commons Stokes Strikers: Scepovic Ciftci Cole That should free up some wages for a new frontman and a DM to replace Bitton if a bid comes in. Which I think could well be the case hence keeping Mulgrew on board as cover for CB,LB and DM.
  10. To think he might hit 40 in a Season playing as the lone striker in Deilas much maligned 4-2-3-1. The fact the midfield have contributed 42 of the 97 scored further vindication for the deployment of this formation. Defence has been the issue this season not the attack. He could well bag a few against Morton.
  11. Today was first time this season Celtic fielded same starting XI in consecutive games, as Patrick Roberts became club's 35th player in 15/16-Christian Wulff
  12. Winning ugly is still winning. 90 plus goals scored this season scored by a team without 3/4 of it's key men missing either through injury of poor form. A team with an unsettled back 4 for much of the past 6 months. A team with Brown Johansen Armstrong and Lustig under performing? Top of the League with a game in hand ie exactly the same place this time last year with a settled back 4 and the midfield particularly Johansen paying well. The blinkered don't see that though fed on shit by the MSM and dicks like Sutton talking out their arses. Tam Boyd got it spot on last week.
  13. Would you be interested to know after 25 games last Season we had 60 points. Having Won 19 Dawn 3 and Lost 3. Abedeen had after 26 Games 57 Points Having Won 18 Drawn 3 and Lost 5. We are in exactly the same position as last season with a 3 point advantage and a game in hand. Considering the damage done to our defence with the loss of Van Dijk and Denayer,the injuries to Mulgrew ,Lustig,Jozo,Brown,Commons,Johansen. The loss of form of Lustig Brown Johansen Armstrong and Mackay Steven I would say that we still have maintained an edge over Aberdeen. Our Goal Difference last season was +39 This Season it's +45 with a shit defence. Too many panic merchants out there now folk need to calm down the return to fitness of all those named above plus the bedding in of Erik will se a vast improvement in the run in I think. Aberdeen won't get any better they have conceded 8 more than us and scored 21 less .
  14. Gonny watch that after this hehe Interesting guy absolute nutjob.
  15. If you haven't seen Peaky Blinders I suggest you do. Absolutely brilliant.