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  1. Lets hope so, we are on a positive roll, but we really do need to work hard to get a record winning season over the line
  2. Looks like Dembele being rested
  3. Yea, it was a tougher match than I think we expected, but its great to be on top with room to spare, Hail Hail
  4. I must say, Im enjoying this Friday night football
  5. I honestly think he deserves a place in the current team
  6. 1-0, ? even 2-0 flattered Sevco! upwards and onwards
  7. Making a job out of this!
  8. Glad of the win, but it took us far too long to unlock them, we really shouldnt fool ourselves with wins like this
  9. At Dublin airport, cant get the match anywhere ! Who scored the first ?
  10. En route to Dubai, can get wifi on the Emirates flight from Dublin! will have the ipad, if anyone comes across a link? please post asap ! Monnnnnn The Hoops
  11. Tough group, but they all are, I just hope we give a good account of ourselves , and some good away performances would be a bonus
  12. Job done I suppose! but it would have been nice to have had a performance tonight
  13. You and me both Bhoy, we are just hangin on by our finger nails! excruciating to watch
  14. Not sure about taking Griffiths off, Dembele better make a name for himself tonight