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  1. Accurate mate! 6 months at least #Throbbing
  2. Alright bud! Hows things mate, still on the taxi bro?
  3. Cheers boys!
  4. Big pressure on us to win and perform. The scum have an almost win/win situation. IF they beat us, then ofcourse they will be over the moon. If we win, it's expected etc etc They may have the second largest wage bill in Scotland but they're still streets behind us in terms of talent. Just hope big Collins and Kennedy make sure players like VVD, Denayer & Johansen know what its all about.
  5. Im good man, hope all is well with you lad, good to see you still kicking about mate.
  6. Aye mate, if I had to watch Efe Shambles play one more time at CP I would've ran on and dragged him home myself. Denayer is something else.
  7. It's one of they cases where unless you can prove he's guilty then how can you suspend him or whatever. But part of me wishes we could prove he said something just simply to send him back to Villa and the reason for that is I can imagine Tonev to be that sort of person. Why would Logan complain about something like that if it never actually happened?
  8. Hail Hail mate, hope all is well bro.
  9. Haha I'm sure some people wish that was the case mate. Been okay so far. Overjoyed at the signing of John Guidetti since I've basically followed the guy since he left IF Brommapojkarna. When he signed it was honestly an amazing feeling and for him to perform like he has and to witness most of the games he's played in live is something else. As for the team as a whole I feel defensively we are still very poor. We concede way too many clear cut chances and we are completely unable to stop a counter attack. For now I will reserve judgement but I feel the game Vs them could be a big game for Ronny and i'm sure thats why Collins and Kennedy were brought in. What about yourself mate?
  10. Alright ladies and gentlemen. It's been a long time since I have posted or interacted on here, good to see a lot of the old regulars still kicking around and also a few new folk. Hope all is well with everyone and Hail Hail
  11. Don't think he's capable of playing midfield. He's talented no doubt but not a midfielder.
  12. Atmosphere at Celtic park unless its a champions league game is terrible. Even the home game after we won the league when we drew 1-1, half the crowd had left with 5 mins left.
  13. I wouldnt say its utter bollocks because it should be MUCH easier without them, of course teams wont lay down and give us the trophies but the point is, if we are spending 8x more than other clubs on single players, paying them 4x the wages and running away with the league so easily it shouldnt be much to expect a FAR superior team to win trophies against clubs who are mediocre at best. Its not a given we should win the treble, I agree but its shouldn't be an impossible task. Without Zombie FC kicking about i'd be expecting 2 trophies per season. Anything less is disappointing, its as simple as that.
  14. Hmmm I agree with your point but some games are far more important than others(thats what I really mean to say) but yes of course every game you want to win.
  15. Shame we couldn't do this in the games that matter.........