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  1. Private Internet Access. PIA. Great price, great service, no logs, kill switch, the works. I use it all the time. The fact that the authorities raided their servers and confiscated their equipment here in Russia, is by definition a very good sign. Reconfiguring firefox to run through Tor should also keep you under the radar.
  2. Fat Boy Fat's simply not in Big Chris' league. I blame the pies.
  3. Credit where credit's due, this appears to be one hell of a signing! Well done Celtic! Not only is this great for us, but surely gives Scottish football as a whole a much needed shot in the arm. And I can't see him having signed if there weren't substantial funds of some form promised. With all due respect to Ronny, he delivered 2 titles, but last season was verging on torture at times. Now very special times may be just around the corner. The flame of faith has just been rekindled.
  4. Shirt looks nice, but to be honest, the first thing that came to mind when I read the front was 'daftbet'....how timely.
  5. Someone has to put their hands up and accept this is a failure, and it certainly has fallen into total farce when the main aim becomes ruining someone else's party because you've already ruined your own. I, for one, can't respect that. Can't remember ever being so disinterested in this team as I am now.
  6. Too right Pep. Team doesn't look like it knows what it's supposed to be doing, more disorganized and bereft of spirit with each passing week, a 5-minute wonder followed by an 85-minute blunder, just a free-flowing attacking myth, a defense which now leaks goals by default, can't remember a defense in recent years that have looked so collectively ineffective and guaranteed to concede (albeit with the latest addition missing in action before ever being seen) if not under pressure then by their own free will, we're even scraping points in the league and if it weren't for the Dons imploding we may have found ourselves in a spot of trouble domestically, never mind in Europe, which is becoming more embarrassing with each passing game, but let's face it, virtually anyone should be able to hold the team together enough to win the league here.. Deila is looking more and more out of his depth and clueless with each good decision he fails to make and each bad one he succeeds in, sounded good to begin with, but it's now basically pointless listening to him because what you hear can no longer hide mask what you see, which is one of the most uninspiring Celtic teams I can remember in recent years, and can it really simply be down to the players that so many of them seem to be underperforming, maybe, but who organizes the team and who picks it, and what exactly do Collins and Kennedy bring to the coaching, because this is a car crash unfolding, now very publicly, and at least Commons is showing some passion, because fist-fukin' the air after beating a team you should be beating ever day of the week without great difficulty anyway (no disrespect intended) no longer does it for me. If they don't go now, which clearly they won't, then when, not if, we finish bottom of this Europa League, because let's face it, winning the next 2 looks increasing like Mowbrayesque cloud cuckoo land nonsense, perhaps scraping 1 point from 6 more likely if we can at least once equalize one of the goals we will inevitably gift the opposition, then there will be no more legitimate reason for them hanging around any longer, bar the fact that we don't seem to be able to attract anyone else, and meanwhile, the Teflon Don slips away to safety unnoticed and untouched again.
  7. 100% behind Commons. Deila and Collins are finished.
  8. Taxi waiting.
  9. Can't really judge Simunovic till/if we eventually see him, but the reports weren't great. Stokes is irrelevant now, has been for a long time, not even a bit part player. Shame. No sympathy for Ambrose any more, since when did we become a club mollycoddling players or even coaching staff when they fail to live up to expectations. Is that what big clubs do? Everyone fcks up sometimes, but when sometimes seems to happen all the time then there are serious issues. If he is good enough to play for Celtic, then so am I. Boerrigter apparently has brittle bone disease, either that or lazybastarditis. But I thought Scepovic's loan was to become permanent automatically on its completion as part of the deal, or was that just someone's wet dream? Of great concern would surely have to be just why Celtic seem to have a constant stream of (recurring) injuries, a great many of which seem to be picked up off the pitch? Or perhaps it just seems more often than it really is?
  10. Love the Daily Tosser's aerial view of the 'fugitive' Imran Ahmad's military-owned mum's house in Karachi. Fck me, they're presenting it like the new Osama Bin Laden trapped in his hideaway bunker and targeted for air-strikes. He'll be linked with ISIS next.
  11. We're all waiting outside Efe Ambrose's pad to welcome him home.