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  1. Hi everyone, Can you sign this petition to help out the hoops and lots of other teams from smaller countries? It's shocking that UEFA wants to give half the Champions League spots to only 4 countries. https://www.change.org/p/uefa-less-big-4-teams-in-the-champions-league-not-more Hail Hail!
  2. done

    Surely we've got a free agent lined up. As far as I'm concerned we only have 3 real strikers now Stokes, Pukki and Balde. That is not enough to cover injuries and allow some rotation
  3. On this page (http://www.celticfc.tv) it says: "Thanks for joining us on Celtic TV. Please go to the freeview section above to see all that Celtic TV has to offer. If you have a voucher code please register for free and redeem your code." Anyone know anything about these voucher codes?
  4. Does anyone know where to get a voucher code for Celtic TV? Am living in Vietnam and I'd like to get either the plus or premium package. But cash is pretty tight this month.
  5. win

    With the squad looking so strong at the moment it's tough to choose. I'd probably go: Forster Lustig...Ambrose...Wilson...Izzy Commons...Wanyama...Ledly...Sami Miku...Hooper Mainly because I'm keen to see Miku get games. Would be very tempted to leave out Miku and play Forest on the right with Commons in a free role.
  6. draw

    I reckon I'd go: Forster Mathews...Lustig...Wilson...Izzy Forest...Wanyama...Paddy...Commons Hooper...Watt If Commons is still having trouble with his ankle, I'd start Twardzic in the middle and have paddy on the left.
  7. win

    Think my team would be Forster Matthews...Lustig...Mulgrew...Izzy Forest...Wanyama...McCourt...Samaras Watt...(Bangura or Murphy) Really just thinking we should avoid playing anyone who's carrying an injury and might be needed on Wednesday night. I know Paddy's been struggling with a knock, but I reckon he deserves a start in the first team. As for Bangura and Murphy, it just depends who seems more fit. My one worry is that this team might not be tough enough, but with Watt, Forest, Paddy and Sami there should be enough of a goal threat.
  8. win

    Think scuzzphut was just posting the stream as I was asking
  9. win

    Anyone found a stream yet?
  10. Nicely done Lamberto, good idea with the [ ]s too. On your third team I might be tempted to move Broonie into the middle though. Against the huns it's always pretty important to battler in the middle of the park.
  11. I reckon both these teams could beat Rangers on current form. p.s. you can' t use injured players and the players you do use should be judged on current form. Forster Cha Rogne Loovens Mulgrew Forest Wanyama Ledley Commons Brozek Sami The other line-up Zaluska Mathews Dan K.Wilson Izzy Ibrahim Brown Ki Paddy Hooper Stokes
  12. loss

    Commons looks back to his old self. Think he'll get a goal today.
  13. draw

    Go to disagree, IMO playing Samaras again in a Euro home game would be a big tactical error, we need goals: Samaras doesn't score.
  14. Looks like the type of player who can really get in about opposition midfielders and win the ball. Good addition to the squad and lots of potential.
  15. I'd go for the 08-09 away kit. Have always liked the yellow or gold tops. Especially like this one as it looks like the Brazil home kit. Looks even better without the Carling logo.