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  1. Websites sounds, used it a few times for Microsoft Points and Xbox Live a while back.
  2. Win

    Back on the forum after a longggg absense! Good to be back. Going 2-0 Celtic, Mulgrw FGS(Got a bet on it) but it could easily be a higher scoring game. Helsingborg will need to push for goals so may leave gaps at the back. Is Wanyama back for this game after his red card?
  3. Best I've personally seen was at Heaton Park after Stone Roses gig. Fireworks were immense and the perfect way to round off an amazing day, would go back in a heartbeat!
  4. Sold yon Belgian squad to fund for 4 different squads. Bronze French/Spain hybrid squad, Silver French squad, Gold French/Brazil hybrid squad and a Russian League squad (all infrom bar 2 players). Boring playing with the one side constant, needed a wee change. Also, wee tip for some small profit. Look out for RM Gervinho's for anything under 2k. If the formation is good, you'll get about 2.6k, if it's a pretty crap formation you'll get about 2.3k-2.5k. Found plenty of they cards for about 1.2k-1.5k.
  5. Overpaid on a lot of players, especially TOTS Kompany, spent about 280k on him, Walker was 160k, Vertonghen 88k, Hazard 160k. CM's were about 40/45k each. Got Kompany, Vertonghen and Walker the day they came out, thats why it was so expensive.
  6. gossip

    No thanks..
  7. Recent buys for profit. El Sharaaway, bought for 48k, sold for 76k TOTY Aguero, bought for 489k, sold for 545k TOTY Dede, bought for 65.5k, sold for 79k Marlos, bought for 77.5k, sold for 88k IF Clichy, bought for 64k, sold for 78k TOTY Hazard, bought for 182k, sold for 204k. Bout 145k profit overall. Going to try buy some more players and make some more profit and make another good team.
  8. I bought him a few days after he came out for 280k I think, so a massive loss if I sell on
  9. My team (Post a pic later) GK - TOTY Thibaut Coutois (83) RB - TOTY Kyle Walker (85) CB - TOTY Vincent Kompany (90) CB - TOTY Jan Vertonghen (88) LB - Derrick Tshimanga (69) 93 pace, brilliant! CM - IF Kevin De Bruyne (81) CM - IF Marouanne Fellaini (83) CM - TOTY Moussa Dembele (81) RW - Johnathon Legear (71) 93 Pace again, reason for him being in this team. ST - IF Eden Hazard (88) LW - IF Kevin Mirallas (82) Pretty expensive team, cost bout 900k, but couldn't sell it for that now, probs get about 600k. It's a belgian team with Kyle Walker stuck in, gets his 9 chemistry from Kompany/Dembele who both play in the BPL. Class team and I do have a lot of fun playing with it.
  10. Not got a Celtic team, but my Ultimate Teams pretty tasty haha!
  11. Haha, Akinfenwa the BEAST! Some size that guy pmsl!
  12. Some good stuff in here MGMT, really liking your graphics!
  13. Tearing my achilles was worst for me. Saw a fella dislocating his knee. Wasn't just his kneecap, his full knee. Poor bastard.
  14. Got a score on Germany to win it, but I'll be keeping my eye on Eire.
  15. Play Villa home and away.