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    I went to the Carlisle v Peterborough game a few weeks ago. And despite scoring a good free kick he was pish! Would be very disappointed if we signed him. Never an SPL player let alone a celtic player
  2. I don't think they get it at all! You would think they're deliberately trying to Bankrupt themselves.
  3. gossip Norwegien report on Stefan Johansen. Payed 17 million for him as well English translation from google below, its a bit crude but you get the gist. Johansen not in the squad Stefan Johansen must wait for his debut in Celtic . The former Strømsgodset player is unlikely to see in action for his new club before the Hibernian 26 January He could have gone straight into the team , but are not quite ready as the Norwegian season ended in November. Hopefully he is in the squad against Hibs , says Celtic boss Neil Lennon ahead of Sunday's game against Motherwell He has a wonderful left foot , good temperament and comes from a great season in Norway , says Lennon told the Daily Record. READ ALSO : - We were forced to sell Fourth Norwegians Celtic Johansen are four Norwegians in the club. More Swedes have also had success at Celtic . - If " Stef " will have the same impact on the team as them , we are very happy , says Lennon . Celtic leads the Scottish series with ten points down to Aberdeen. Motherwell follows a further point behind . Dram: The midfielder has this morning signed a contract with Celtic until summer 2017 , and he presented at a press conference at Celtic Park at 15.00 Norwegian time . The club confirmed on their website of the deal is in the bag . After prolonged negotiations the Strømsgodset finally agree with Celtic for a transitional amount of 17 million. The total could rise to 20 million if Johansen when a certain number of matches. The estate has also secured a percentage of any future sale . - We had to sell Stefan. Extension of the contract were not appropriate, says sports director Jostein Flo . Johansen's agreement with the estate went out after next season . READ ALSO : Signs for Celtic today Win -win For a long time there has been speculation about Johansen's football future and a number of clubs have been mentioned . - We have always been committed to facilitating Stefan. Many clubs have seen Stefan and many have considered him. But in reality there were not others on the field than Celtic . It was there he would . Therefore, this is a win - win situation for all parties , says Flo . He confirmed that the estate are " good with capital " for his midfield jewel. But he will not go into detail on the transitional amount. - We are very happy with the deal , says Flo . READ ALSO : Abdi is wanted by Wigan Come fly with private Celtic took the first contact with the estate in December. Before Christmas, they came with their own private jet to Oslo to initiate negotiations. After a few hours traveled Scots home . At that time, the parties some distance apart. - Negotiations have been going on for a long time . We had a meeting with Celtic in Norway . We have discussed in six to seven weeks, but there has been an honest and good process . Celtic are very professional , says Jostein Flo . The sports director also praises Stefan Johansen for the way he handled the situation . - It is important for us to thank Stefan. There has been great pressure on him in recent weeks and days , but he has handled it all very well. It proves that the boy has human qualities to succeed in Celtic . It's a big club and he can expect a tremendous pressure there, says Flo . READ ALSO : Sold for 17 million I think he will succeed Celtic play their matches at the mighty Celtic Park which takes 60,000 spectators . The fans are passionate and the noise level in the stadium are very high. Expectations for Stefan Johansen is already large . After he arrived in Glasgow on Monday night , he has almost been harassed by ongoing Scottish press. Jostein Flo is confident that the 23- year-old will succeed in the physically tough Scottish league. - Stefan is mentally strong. He is development oriented . He has developed extremely since he came to us . Celtic will suit him well. Stefan needs a familiarization phase , but within a year's time he is a key player there. Stefan Johansen came free of estate from Bodø / Glimpses before the 2011 season . Northerners are not entitled to a percentage of the transitional amount, but they will get solidarity funds as a result of the club changed
  4. Just hoping for a decent game for once. Really hope Balde gets a start and is given a few games after that. We are never going to see what he is truely like until he gets a decent run. Hope also to see something of Johansen and Fridjonson. But both will probably be on bench. Alsi hope its not pishing down again
  5. hahahahahahahahahaha RIP Rangers fc 1872 and The Rangers 2012
  6. According to Alistair Lamont its now 24p! Yes 24p!
  7. Alice band? Larsson had one of them and he was ok . I'm sold get him signed!
  8. extremely pleasing news
  9. Alax scum up to old tricks in Milan tonight.
  10. Brilliant. When we play Motherwell again it will be 11 V 6!
  11. FUCK SAKE! This is part of what im completely fed up with! unless the club starts banning these people then my support of my club will end! 10 years ago we won awards for our great support. now the behavour from a section of them is distroying this. I'M FUCKING ANGRY AT THIS LACK OF RESPECT NOT JUST FOR CELTIC AND OUR RIVALS BUT FOR THEMSELVES AND OTHER PEOPLE AND THEIR PROPERTY! AND THEY WONDER WHY THE POLICE HAVE IT IN FOR THEM! Then Fucking behave yourselves then!
  12. According to wikipedia he is 24 and played 76 games in 2011 and 2012 and scored 17 goals from midfield. Doesn't seemed to have played in 2013. Also has 2 full international caps.
  13. This is the problem with football in the UK. A championship player at midtable club like bloody Huddersfield worth £6 million is ridiculous! If we want a decent striker then either our present strikers work harder at their game or our coaches improve their coaching. Because there is noway our board will sanction that type of money on one player
  14. RIP Madiba. One of the worlds greatest thinkers, Leaders and greatest men.