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  1. hi all.... stuck in the (rather cold) damp bog this week-end i'm afraid anyone on here actually going to this farce tomorrow? i SERIOUSLY need to know how CFC play this in the programme as far as i'm concerned it's a pretty binary choice really: welcome renewal of old hostilities against ancient rivals or the truth - welcome scotland's newest club on first visit to paradise anyone get a programme please let me know HH and be safe - this weekend could get nasty....
  2. i'd take: Benfica / Sevilla / Club Brugge for a fighting chance of post Xmas jaunts Barca / Dortmund / Sporting CP for for great times on the road.... HH & KTF nechayev
  3. very proud of this whatever oofa think the world has noticed and applauds.... *btw: when the "keep politics out of sport" crowd start spraffing you might want to ask them: why exactly are an israeli team playing in a EUROPEAN football competition...... huh?
  4. so: it seems as if the gemme really is a bogie.... the baw is burrst! uefa have quietly shut the drawer on the issues around 2011/12 licensing & celtic continue to say nothing i'm not really sure what options are left open to me....? scottish football is a corrupt charade run on a ridiculously unlevel twisted playing field principally in the interests of ONE club it seems to have stopped being a sport some time ago and the crooked business that it has become is not really something that i can honestly muster much interest in this is an obscene crime in world "sport" and i can only see it getting worse THEY haven't even paid the (joke) LNS fine...... how do they get a license to play in the SPFL even.....? and i can just see the CP programme notes in september: welcoming renewals of "old firm" hostilities..... FFS it's appalling
  5. pep... i'm afraid my position is pretty much summed up below i've just about had enough of this charade and will not be able to watch these cnvts cowing about their march to "55" and feeling the wank stains who allegedly run MY club are complicit in this lie to make a few bob is really too much,, So.. for nearly 50 years following football & specifically Glasgow Celtic has been a huge and most enjoyable passion of mine. Not more so than politics (note for mother). Not more than literature..... poetry.... theatre. Or music, art, love, eating food or whatever.... But a HUGE passion that has bought me some of the greatest moments of pure joy in my life: Muirton Park in 1966 8 years old with Andy, Inter Milan in Lisbon on a B&W tv in Melville Street '67 with Phil, a victory for the working class of Scotland WAY beyond a fitba' match..... waaaay beyond! and Red Star Belgrade at Celtic Park - Jinky 5 Red Star 1 - 1970, 5:0 up at Love Street when Kidd broke the Hearts, the '88 Cup Final, 10 men winning the league, and stopping the "10", Real Sociedad away, Slatterys and 3:0 up after 11 minutes, Henke and Barcelona with Chris and the list is long and such warm happy memories.... Such fabulous and perfect memories.... all torn up and shredded. Today, sadly I can take no joy in Celtic beating Hearts at Tynecastle to win the SPL. Scottish football is a corrupt broken dysfunctional charade and watching the press crowing next year as Sevco SMELLS LIKE A DUCK FC are almost certainly "illegally" awarded a European licence (should they beat the plasticine subbuteo team that is Hibs in the cup final!) so once again their übermensch klan "supporters" can start stomping round the continent once again* sullying the good name of Scotland and its sports' followers and listening to them sing their songs of "wading knee deep through the blood of famine dodging fenians" while crowing about their** titles and their proud history*** and how much they deserve to be "back" after all the other horrible taig, begrudging clubs so unfairly punished them (no - really... this is the narrative!) and how thankful the rest of Scottish football is, while the powers that be at Celtic's highest level remain silent.... Shamefully silent.... Well I don't really think I will be able to stomach that. I really won't. The sport I loved for the vast part of my life is, it seems, just a shambolic shadow of some kind of WWF / The Voice / Great British Come Baking Skate Off "entertainment" played with a ball to contribute to the financial well being of a satelitte television company and overseen by a governing body whose sole aim is to protect the "establishment" club and match officials whose regular "honest mistakes" ensure the universe remains in proper order...... I really feel I have to turn my back on it and i am close to tears writing this. It is a fvcking awful crime..... that is all..... A FVCKING CRIME...! *this is "irony"...... for the hard of thinking *well the cheating rangers 1872 (IL) (RIP 2012) titles to be accurate **that's all the history EXCLUDING the cheating and the 256 stiffed creditors owed MILLIONS.... of course i assume you have read the "offshore game report"? it seems it REALLY was a crime peace out nechayev
  6. errrrr…. no rangers didn't "went down" anywhere….. particularly the third division rangers were liquidated and therefore ceased to exist…. this is how the law works the reconstituted zombie parts were formed into sevco who, for some as yet unexplained reason, were admitted to the fourth tier of scottish football - ahead of at least two clubs who had much much better grounds for getting that place…. like for instance: audited accounts it is kind of important that this does not get forgotten nechayev
  7. indeed..... i was merely surmising that would be their journalists' position now come on, really..... do stop that sniggering up the back..... immediately! n.
  8. so: all this talk* of Warbmeister's World Beaters winning "a cup" this season - please, no sniggering at the back got me to thinking - what do we all think CFC's response should be if / when the orcs come a calling? cos (unless they go bust.... oh please oh please oh puhleeeeese!) it's gonna happen at some point me - i think we should take the livingston approach and welcome scotland's newest club on their first visit to paradise - ie: tell the truth if (and this is my fear!) we start burbling on (say in the programme) about the continuation of "old firm" rivalry then to be very honest - i am going to have a BIG problem...... big liewell should look into neville chamberlain and hitler if he wants some pointers as to what appeasement gets you HH nechayev *when i say "all this talk" i mean the planks writing for the daily ranjurr..... obviously
  9. i was thinking around that BAD.... eh
  10. anyone get the crowd numbers tonight? looked poor.... VERY poor!
  11. the "playing away first" thing only applies for the group winners in the round of 16.... against group runners up never applied to the qualifying / play-off rounds otherwise: malmo? nae bother as i've said before: if we can't beat these...... what the fekk do ye think might happen in the group stage.... eh? i hope we get barca in the groups..... i LIKE there.... boccadillo con lomo por me! "Més que un club".... just like us and catalunya might well be on the road to independence then, too..... '45 ok HH
  12. so friday: Seeded teams Basel CC: 84.875 Celtic CC: 39.080 APOEL CC: 35.460 BATE Borisov CC: 35.150 Dinamo Zagreb CC: 24.700Unseeded teams Maccabi Tel Aviv CC: 18.200 Partizan CC: 14.775 Malmö FF CC: 12.545 Skënderbeu Korçë CC: 5.575 Astana CC: 3.825guess anyone will do - like to avoid partizan probably malmo or the albanians would be best? but as i said before WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO BEAT ANY OF THESE IF WE'RE GOING ANYWHERE.... as for tonight those of you old enough to remember yesteryears will be deeply content with celtic going ANYWHERE in yoorop and successfully (no drama) defending a 1:0 lead job done chapeau, ronny & the bhoys hh
  13. here - btw - is anudder thing: of the 15 ties in the 3QR we, with the exception of salzburg (2:0) got the best home result so there assuming we'll get by the beetroot munching yak hurders - i'll be hoping for molde or mibbe the albanians been to albanya - 'tis a hoot! ;-) COYBIG nechayev
  14. so to fly the fleg of optimism for a moment: they came to defend and snatch an away goal they failed (1 shot on target) we came to win the gemme and NOT concede an away goal we succeeded...... simples in baku they will have to come out and play - while this is a slight worry as i'm pretty sure they CAN play - they will be much more susceptible to celtic attacks we should play a high line, 2 up front & get stuck intae them..... says i i think their game plan for the tie is listing seriously to starboard..... ;-) providing we go there with no fear (respect but not fear!) i can see us scoring a couple will they (then) score 4? i would like to think not i'll go for 1:1 draw and a nervy last 15 minutes HH nechayev
  15. jerrmuns...? dutch.... let alone fekkin' ingerrlish...... nah: this is the LIKELY / POSSIBLE line up Seeded teams coef. Unseeded teams coef. ------------------------ --- ---------------- ------------------------ --- ---------------- FC Basel *3 Sui 84.875 APOEL Nicosia ** Cyp 35.460 Viktoria Plzen *3 Cze 41.825 BATE Borisov ** Bls 35.150 FC Salzburg *3 Aut 43.135 Dinamo Zagreb ** Cro 24.700 Steaua Bucuresti ** Rom 40.259 FK Astana ** Kaz 3.825 Celtic ** Sco 39.080 Milsami Orhei ** Mol 3.750maybe we should all chill the fvck out a wee bit..... huh? kwarrybhag first..... mind then bring it on HH nechayev