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  1. Yip its on Sky sports 5 Kev, Hope you manage to catch it, but well done for keeping up the meetings. You should eb well proud of you wee self.
  2. we've got tickets too. Just need to sort out a wee overnight and we're sorted.
  3. Buying it this weekend, then it will need to acclimatize before taking it into the house so.....probably the 16th before its done. Joys of no kids, my rulesis the only rules.
  4. No Kev you do NOT!! I haven't even bought mine yet,
  5. Not a classic, but I'll take 3 points after Wednesdays heroics.
  6. Notice they moved Sterling to the other side cos Keiran wasn't giving him a chance.
  7. I want thumbs on for Sinclair
  8. no Yaya but we have Koulo aka Bobo in disguise....
  9. sure its on Sky dc.
  10. good lad Kev. I can't imagine how hard it is for you.
  11. Ffs....what the fuck!!! Nothing about that was good apart from the result.
  12. really Kev, ? please say no. You were doing great.
  13. Hell I hope it's custard in midfield Pepp, I think the defense and Craigy Gordon are better and more relaxed when he isn't directly in front of them
  14. Forgive me for clutching at straws here, but got a theory......There were only about 4 players in the team who played, that got pass marks last night- fact. So in my head Brendan was testing a good few to see if they would step up and be counted in a competitive match and as they haven't they can be on the "for sale " list come Friday. Keiran can be forgiven for a couple more games max, then he needs to be put back to the development squad till he gets up to scratch again, the rest can go by byes, they were shabby last season and have not lifted themselves.