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  1. Got HTC Desire HD. practically the same phone. really good large screen too. defo staying with htc when i upgrade
  2. no way this is happenin. we cant afford to be travelling there almost every week. england is the only way forward, but im quite happy here in the spl right now as it is.
  3. it was far accross the sea....

  4. this is unbeleivable... i remember a rangers fan telling me there are 50 million fans worldwide so each one can donate £1 and their debt would be sorted. they havent even got 200k yet!
  5. win

    Forster Matthews Mulgrew Wanyama Izzy Sammy Kayal Ledley Commons Hooper Bangura
  6. horrifying stuff.....
  7. what if we score on the 15th minute....#AKWARD hahaha.
  8. Zaluska/Forster (not bothered, they are both equally amazing) Matthews Rogne Mulgrew Izaguirre Samaras Ledley Wanyama Commons Brozek T.Watt
  9. beautiful top....agree on getting the celtic charity fund as sponsor!
  10. everyone has to sing 'LIQUIDATION!' to the tune of 'CHAMPIONEEZ' on sunday...haha enjoy!

  11. win

  12. win

    oops sorry mate, im on aboot the home matches lol, aye i dae sit in the right seat at away games haha
  13. gossip

    not sure if this would cost too much as ive not looked into it yet but the atletico 1st choice keeper that played on wednesday...he's on loan from chelsea and has pulled off a few crackers of a save!
  14. win

    lisbon lions lower...tend to sit right next to the goals but my seat is a wee bit higher up lol....i think majstorovic and loovens have been not bad at all lately, whats youre opinions on them?