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  1. 400?! do you do anything with your life lol my mates think Im nuts for my collection!
  2. XL wont fit me I weigh 9 and a half stone ffs! lol I strong breeze and I do be fucked! ha can you shrink those old jerseys? I can get a ford peoples in good nick for £40 and if I can shrink it without wrecking it I might gamble it.....shrinking it done to Medium btw lol
  3. Neil Lennon
  4. Was on that already..retros.......I use vintagefootballshirts.com a fair bit
  5. Well bollocks :L....its heart breaking buying retro but gotta do it when I can find the originals.....Fords The People that jersey is very hard to find...I wonder why.....
  6. Does anyone know what was the first Celtic home jersey to be sold to the public? Trying to collect them all, my uncle reckons it was about 1987. I have from 1987 to present day bar 1991-1994 the 3 jerseys. I know you can buy the 67 and 78 jerseys as retros but were the originals ever sold?
  7. The sheep have history? lol
  8. Yeah pep go onto their sites ah lads name a good history of rangers book i swear im not a tim lol C1888C did that with a good few old firms books but cant find any books solely on them Theres a book on their official website about Bill Struth that I want to read just to see if its propaganda or does it mention his no Catholics policy! HAVING SAID THAT! The chairman of Hibernian in 1952 Harry Swam was Chairman of the SFA and demanded Celtic remove the Tri colour...it went down to a vote at the SFA board Rangers actually gave the decisive vote and that was for Celtic to keep the tri colour... that there is one of my key points....Celtic v Rangers wasnt as bad before the Troubles in the North after that it got stupid
  9. What did you do your dissertation on Fish?
  10. There's a book I was using about Michaell Davitt a biogrpahy I'll look for it later but the info it used from Davitts diary was wrong the author referenced Davitts diary wrong which is a major mistake in my college. And Davitt attended Celtic park twice, the biography only mentioned one so if I used that and the examiner was a celtic fan or knew about Davitt I would have gotten docket marks for inaccurate historical research
  11. You get more points for the more "official" material you use...... I'll put it to you this way, I skipped college to go to Dublin one day which cost €20 on the train just to read about 3 lines of out Michael Davitts diary lol
  12. Aye but because it's history, information that comes from primary or official sources looks alot better than second hand info. Having rangers were founded in 1872 looks better if it says from Rangers history book than the daily record
  13. I did an essay this year on Celtic and the Famine and basically all my references were Tom Devine! lol my reader for my dissertation actually worked with him in Edinburgh. too be honest I was going to use the Daily Record
  14. Hahaha fuck it most people dont start it until September and its due in April.....I'm already 2,500 words into it lol......why am I doing something most people start in September? Because I've exams next week and I need to procrastinate lol...yep most people procrastinate by watching tv I procrastinate by doing productive shit lol