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  1. win

    O my god here a happy auld man noo thats mair like the tic i member, sammy had a good geme an that keen Kenyan wis tip top, aw fer wan an wan fer aw noo where is they pretenders fae Motherwell lol :celticsign:
  2. win

    mon the tic gie us a big boost the night . ps many thanks Helen fer the computer site
  3. win

    Yep hubert its fingers crossed fer a result ,by the by any o you guys got a good site on the computer fer this geme ,firstrow is daen my box in wie them efn adverts will check back later this efternoon see if anywan has info on a hauf decent site. Gied up espn 8 gers gemes an 2 celtic gemes my arse nae wie am sponsoring the sons o Atilla lol.
  4. draw

    Jasus yer right jjgfc lol fergot tae declare my sel tae hubert, its auld butch hubert and still as sick as a pig at the treatment the so called board heeps on us poor timolys ,p.s got a ticket fer the athletico geme ,see they have been talking aboot bringing back terraceing space tae fitbaw ,imagine the return o the jungle, christ ad drag my 72 year auld bones back fer that ,how I miss thon atmosphere staunin on a cauld crisp day surrounded by my fellow jungle chinas, wee hauf bottle o sneaky pete on my person fer medicinal purposes only lol yep rem was the days. :scarf_hoops:
  5. draw

    oops any sign o jojax
  6. draw

    yep its me hubo sick tae death of my beloved team playing shit with a board who coodnae give a monkeys ,Laweel my god i'm sure he is an ibrox plant ,Im barred fae gg hubo but look in still the same sectarian shit fae the same rabid gers supporters see yer up agin it yer sell can't help you as Im sine died by the bigot who runs it . You have my best wish's amigo p,s ant sign o jojax
  7. draw

    my god and so it goes on wee lennie not up to the job has started to blame his team dug up stokes and hooper and rightly so but hang on troops he sanctioned buying them ,still choping and changing that waste o space Ki is an automatic shoo in what the pluck does he bring tae the table the odd goal end of. I have not been posting cos when I watch the going ons at paradise I.m sick tae my stomach ,that young Kenyen boy would be my first name pencilled in at mid field Lennie seems tae want him keeping the bench warm ,we are third in a pish poor league ,and still getting conned by that bunch o efn chancers that goes under the name o celtic board ,Desmond disnae even bother his erse tae turn up at the A.G.M. but there was a fanny story stuck in aboot us gonna buy a injury prone Mcfadden just tae keep us happy 2 days later he had given us a swerve thank pluck. And so it goes on, and consider this we had a crowd of over 48,000 on setterday biggest crowd in Britain ,and that was counting an Arsenal Chelsea game in the big smoke ,Man city v Everton ,and the Man u geme. But such is the contempt by this board for us that we have a young manager out of his depth ,with one arm tied behind his back ,getting no efn back up fae the board what so ever and we drift further behind a pish poor squad at Ibrox with a fucking tailors dummy fer a manager ,Jasus then there's Laweel who handed the first o the huns three title's tae them when he refused tae sanction an extra hauf million fer Fletcher and this clown in clowns clothing continues tae hold doon his job ,jasus wept and so does this auld guy.
  8. loss

    ffs has the penny no dropped yet wee lennie hasnae got a clue ,its wan bluddy defeat efter another ,his selections are shite his tactics are shite ,whits wie Stokes sitting on the bench time edter time ,if i wis him ad pit my tools in the store ,jasus Samararse ,the potty prick wie the yellow dyed hair and funny boots the new Henryck mair like a heedless fuckin chicken are ahead o him in the peckin order ,already the league title is ower the hill an far awie . Lets get real, bump lennie ,get O'neill back here pronto an mibbies we will save a wee bit o efn credibility ,whit makes it efn worse is the fact we are trailing a gers team who are shite tae ,wie a wee fat sleekit baldy prick who hasnae a clue as amnager . As fer blue nosegay who is he kidding looks like a refugee fae wan o they sectarian sites who go under the title o glasgow this and glasgow that . I,m on a fuckin downer .
  9. win

    ffs its rufus agin what the fuck is lenny playing at guy hisnae got a fuckin clue ,hartson was spot on ,lennie was hurt ,I an so was the whole celtic support , the tailors dummy, yep think aboot the falkirk geme got 3 points gifted tae him fae a celtic fuckin manager who coodnae run a fuckin pissup in a brewery ,this erse went in public today praising sammy bammy'' he luvs celtic he turned down a beter offer in the transfer window to leave us '' fer fuck sake lennie efter that statement resign , up tae noo we urnae doing to good agin caley thistle fuck aff lennie afore its too late . P.s they are talking about standing room enclosures agin what say at the jungle end what a boost tae supporters and oor team there was many a time I thought the roar fae the jungle inspired our team, god bless all who wance stood on this HALLOWED PLACE IN CELTIC HISTORY .
  10. loss

    Crucify whit Ki a clown who plays fer kI EVEN WHEN A TEAM MATE MAKES UP A BETTER POSITION THIS WAN HIT DICKhead KICKS THE BAW FAE a kick on goal fae OOTRAGES POSITIONS mon lennie son whit the pluck did this prick tae the engine room the day sad tae fuck but I say agin fuck all . Lets get oor act the gether troops this efn penny pinchin board went the penny pinchin wey ,it hasnae worked get O'neill in noo don't lock yhe fuckin stable when the horse is munchin grass at the wee gers training stable ,tell lennie by by .
  11. loss

    Celtic resever player like yer coments yer right celtic reserve player coonnae get a geme ahead o Schitz o shits or5whirt ever ,u fae embra you twat :regi:
  12. loss

    Yep troops its a fuck up wrong team ,wrong tactics ,alas wrong manager ,ffs Saamaras ,Mulgrew played oota position ,did he have nae trust in his left back m' grew tae cover christ,mulgrew shoold have plyed wie wilson ,fuck me the wie you get a team playing the gether is play them the gether . Samarass is a ersehole any manager who gives him an extended contract is also wan, end of its a farce ,am i kidding St johstone in oor ain stadium ,mon you silly cunts who canny see ,go tae spec savers and you get ah lovely girl breathing o ower you fer 5 minutes ,behave yersels you all :beer:
  13. loss

    Yep ledly should hae been on dan mulgrew should have been aside wilson ,sammy this cunt drives me bammy if I was stokes I'd ask fer a fuckin transfer by the time you guys read this ahl be needing a efn transfusion slit baith my wtists lol . this team tae me was a cautious wan, ffs this is glega bam pots we were playing wie a tailors dummy fer a manager. Noo tae oor manager and that poof ki who a lot o members here think are gods gift Lennie alas just hisnae got a clue whit am i talking aboot the fuck ups in Europe the ross countys, the Caley Thistles ,the st johnstones ffs you mob waken up yep he wis a good player but that don't qualiffy you fer being a good manager ,this isnae bullshit I already said his repeated playing o Samarass would lead tae his disposal and i beg the powers that be act noo ,tactics long baw tae sammy he heeds it anywhere hoping tae paick up hooper ,instead o playing oot fae defence using yer wingers baws in fae close distnce tae hoops or stoke's these guys play merry hell wie wan twos inside the oppositions penalty area two big slow centre backs in the gers defence made tae fuckin measure and what does lennie do fires big baws at the defence who have two big slow cart horses wie necks like fuckin giraffes ffs sake kick his fuckin ass oot the door ,Ki al no waste time here chicken heart who 8 times oota 10 gies the baw away ,o an sometimes wie a teammate in a better position blast the baw intae theopposing keepers erms .. Wee consilation fer lennie the ref was foxy the day just a wee bit help here an there no enough tae get himsel in trouble .. Said it afore an say it agin bring back O'neill or gie the huns the title the noo. .lord hiv mercy
  14. loss

    Why o why dae we lose so many goals in the first few minutes ,wis in deep dispare tilll intae the second when we began tae play a bit ,2nd goal if you look at it again centre backs failed tae police there area hence two guys wie aw the space in the world did the damage hence this auld guy got pissed. Sundays trip tae the soothside coup I expect us tae win by 2 clear goals am gonna kidnap Samarass on friday or setterday night fer why you ask cos efter I amputate wan o his legs there will be nae chance o him playing agin lol.
  15. A sort o sewage works gazz yes it is a shite hoose used tae wear wellie boots a smog mask and heavy duty overalls that i used tae incinerate efter each visit ,got jags fer hepatitis ,beri beri ,malaria ,and aw sorts o and jags fer sexual transmitted diseases ,sexual transmitted diseases you ask surely rufus yer getting confused ? we invaribly humped them time efter time so ye canny be too careful . Some people say whit wid be oor fate if these cretens went tae the wall ,ach Scottish fitbaw wid survive and we widnae hiv tae listen tae these erse exits singing there hateful dirges aboot the poofter on the white horse. l.o.l.