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  1. Genuinely excited, biggest appointment since Saint martin of O'Neil. Wish list: Squad trimmed down to a reasonable sizeEuro qualificationA marquee signingLeague and cup doubleIn that order.
  2. Had him at 5/1 to score first in the first twenty minutes. Twat for waiting another three,
  3. I think we'll score a few today and it will all be too little too late.
  4. Steve Clark or Roberto Di Matteo for me.
  5. The failure is that he came in and said he would do something and he hasn't done it. Neither he nor Neil Lennon are bad managers, but they're not great managers. Lennon got a fairer ride because he was a celt, or whatever, and because he came in on the back of the Mowbray disaster. Anyway, Ronny's failing is that he said we'd play a particular brand of football and he would develop players. The brand didn't show up, players were unable or unwilling to make it work. Only KT has developed. But the record shows, and some of the pish we've seen over the last five years on the park show that RD and NL are not the managers we need. We need some old experienced guy who knows tactics, can change things up, add some excitement and flair to the we way play.
  6. Any cunt but ronny or lenny
  7. done

    It simples Kev, we complained about players no ones ever heard of with no track record being signed to be developed. So the board have reacted and are signing players we have heard of, who have already developed and have a record for being mediocre at best, Kazim, Cole, and so on.
  8. Pep, ever done a savoury cheese cheesecake? I tried making it after tasting it once and made an arse of it. Used goats cheese and mascarpone but it ended up just tasting like a cheesecake.
  9. done

    CELTIC are delighted to announce that Colin Kazim-Richards has joined the club on a two-and-a-half-year deal from Feyenoord.
  10. We're already on CCTV constantly so it might as well work properly. How many times when an actual crime is committed are we presented with some shitty grainy image from an ancient camera? There is no privacy argument since we gave that up long ago. If the cameras actually work and you find specific people who are causing actual trouble or causing danger with pyrotechnics then they can be singled out and punished rather than the entire support being blamed.
  11. Great signing