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  1. Despicable! Happy he stayed even if the money was right; raging that Ambrose turned down a move!
  2. I really don't see that. Toure looks set to be our number one CB, why move him when he's forming a solid partnership with big Erik?
  3. I agree, 15 maybe he is young and raw. You see I think those midfielders are enough for all but these six CL games. If we try to play a midfield three of Brown, Bitton and Mcgregor in any of those I think we are too lightweight. I said at the start of the season that I could see Brown moving into a DM role (letting our more creative players influence higher) with his age/ exp but that really hasn't materialised yet, if anything his positioning and defending is getting worse! A Wanyama MKII I think will be much needed. Numbers wise we are well stocked but they're all the same type of player! 2 wingers on each side with GMS opting to fight for his place too.
  4. A fair point well made
  5. Do you really? I think with Griff/ Dembele we are strong enough plus the likes of Sinclair and Christie who can play a supporting centre forward role. Although if our ultimate back up Ciftci leaves then I think we are short but let's see if he can come in and chip in, domestically at least? I echo the loan point, no more loans. Probably be too much money on a permanent though...
  6. Fire power! Nice International break then get stuck into the huns! Brendan Rodgers' Fenian Army!
  7. I'm surprised there wasn't already a thread on him. Irish International, tenacious midfielder who can play as well. I really, really want him! Thoughts? Each day he doesn't sign it seems like the transfer is less likely though
  8. Done deal! Anybody have a link to the figure? Looks like he'll provide a lot of attacking threat down the right hand side, hopefully he can defend too!
  9. This does feel different at least compared to the cup games, like we've both got a point to prove but at the same time really haven't. I'd love us to smash them but these games are rarely anything other than tense, cagey affairs. 3-1.
  10. Haha I saw this! I was raging but then just cracked up, silly man.
  11. Why do you have to go all the way to R*angers' page on BBC football to find this story? Surely sectarian charges and court appearances for a player should merit something that plenty of people will see?
  12. win

    3 points! As much as factors were against us, tricky place, dirty challenges etc; i'm a little dissapointed that the team of thursday night didn't turn up. And I really don't know why! Also i'm both excited and dissapointed by our new formation. It seems like we are playing a 4-2-3-1 which on paper is perfect for us away from home/ tricky games. We have a great midfield, lots of defensively sound players such as Kayal and Wanyama today and plenty of creative players like Paddy, Commons, Forrest etc. The bad points are that there seems to too large a gap between the 2 and the three. But if the 2 were to push closer to the half way line then the back 4 would be too far from the midfield and so we'd resort to lumping it forward to no target man. Which is basically what we're doing now because there is no clear short pass availiable which is what we should be doing and dominating the possession stats and the run of play.
  13. The figures are correct, World Soccer would not print wrong information. The trouble is what would happen when he leaves? When Roman leaves Chelski etc. Look at Leeds. So no, if I have a spare £500m I would not put it into the club I love just because it would ruin the club in the long term. I have been thinking about what i'd do with that kind of money and what I would do, I think, is go to a league such as the Republic of Ireland league which is on the up and invest in that. New facilities and youth academy set ups and such, maybe give the clubs a £5/10m gift to attract a few key signings which would boost shirt sales or something. I wouldn't splunge it on a dream which is unrealistic and dangerous.
  14. win

    I'd be happy with the team who played Rennes, Rogne in for Frazer/ Loovens. The trouble is how much they have left in the tank. It was a massive effort on Thursday
  15. £900m was straight from World Soccer magazine. Pg 58 to be precise. I presume a large amount of it does get spent wiping out the debt each year. I didn't know that TV money is dished out according to the rep of the leagues in the CL, that's a worry if ever we got there! It really does open your eyes as to the level of investment required to become a CL level club. To get to the groups consistently we must be looking at about £250m and then probably couldn't maintain it with the players we'd need and so make a loss every year, which needs to be wiped/ covered out by the owners.