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  1. awful story josh, so sad to hear about your dads awful experience.
  2. i backed scotland, to beat luithania more fool me
  3. i think he is a better player than big erik if he can stay injury free
  4. was listening to the match missed both goals, when I put the kids to bed
  5. heard keevins banging on about it last night,
  6. thanks lads and lassies, will have to stream it.
  7. fuck off celtic, blew my fucking bet , arseholes
  8. we should stuff these, but im not saying we will, but caley have been poor this season.
  9. Car crash, way too open, too many passengers in midfield.
  10. I think traynor is still involved with rangers pr, this has got his stench all over it, jabba bastard.
  11. Quietly confident fancy us to win both teams to score and a sending off.
  12. something vey fishy with this deal
  13. i would fancy us to beat leicester, cant wait, I am wondering how much will they charge for tickets.
  14. suits us lovely.