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  1. I'm confident for tonight, yes.
  2. I'm heading off to bed soon.
  3. You'll get one on a torrent site or something the day after no doubt. I might record it actually. I'll tell you all if I do.
  4. draw

    We were unlucky tonight. We deserved it as well.
  5. Them stats are pretty decent, that's good :cup:
  6. win

    Pleased with that result, great save and great goal. Too many mistakes though.
  7. Win the treble!
  8. I'm actually feeling confident about the Udinese game.
  9. Yeh, it was brilliant.
  10. Yes. We should have beat them at Parkhead if it weren't for the last minute penalty that was never a penalty. We're playing a lot better now as a team and I think we can beat them.
  11. We played great football, and we can still qualify!
  12. Your right.
  13. loss

    Feeling more confident now, with the way Celtic have been playing recently.