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  1. Cool notification sound haven't been on
  2. Good goal by them. Strange name
  3. Something out of nothing
  4. Still win with a depleted squad Time to sub that twatter Cole on for what he's worth
  5. Great to see that we're not as deluded as Liverpool fans. They still actually think they should've pipped City to the title in 2014. What a mess they are now Rodgers getting the sack
  6. Farewell van Dyke, you were using us. You will (and won't) be missed. You took what you needed, and now you're on your way
  7. Scotland's new hope
  8. Might sound dumb but I quite fancy him to stay I'd rather we hadn't bought Ciftci If buying we should be bringing more players in from Dutch league yes Boerrigter might be a waste but van Dijk is a future contender for the Dutch back 4. If Ciftci doesn't work out get rid quick just like Miku before him