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  1. What a goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Never a penalty in a million years but we will take it
  3. Some really strange decisions against a team that never troubled Gordon,cracking header from Boyata,might have to change my opinion(maybe)
  4. On the subject of new signings we desperately need a decent RB,hopefully Tierney will resume where he left of at LB
  5. Good result & Dembele scoring a bonus
  6. Griffiths seems to be scoring 1 in every 5 good chances,cannot be too rusty to score more of these.
  7. Got to agree with Kevza and regardless that wasn't there first 11 as we have already drawn with them we could and should have nicked it near the end. Again !!
  8. Great start again,Gordon should have done better with there goal but we are looking quite good going forward.
  9. Fantastic comeback but you have to worry about Torre
  10. Excellent performance,2 cracking goals and without a few of our best players too,augurs well for the rest of the season.
  11. Thank fuck this group stage is about finished. 1 great chance & 2 half chances,the rest of the time we where chasing shadows with a so called defence that couldn't defend a sand castle.
  12. If the best we can do is field players that have hardly had a game for there league team etc etc then it's up to Celtic to keep the flag flying for Scotland Dear Santa can you find someone to sort out Forrests shooting and final pass/cross please especially the latter as he's pretty pish and has been for years
  13. I think we have had enough of these guys that always wanted to play for us when well past there sell buy date. It's up and coming players eager to show what they can rather than splashing out good money for this type of player topping up his pension.
  14. 7 minutes of extra time according to flash score,thought they where going to play till Wednesday. Excellent score for us so let's hope Killie can maintian there revival at Ibrookes
  15. Just watched the highlights on youtube and have to admit the dark sides goalie had a great game,that said if Sviatchenko goal not been chalked off then the scoreline could have been anything. Thompson got the penalty decisions right,Sviatchenko goal wrong,booking the rangers player for diving wrong and he probably should have booked Griffiths for his part in the goal celebrations. And I have to agree with a lot of JJ piece above. Let's hope the rest of the teams can keep this lot out of Europe,in otherwords give them F78k ALL and keep them where they belong.