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  1. Maybe I should miss the games more often! Good result. We don't need to sit back, I think we know that now
  2. Can't watch this one. Hopefully we learned our lesson from the other week and don't go anywhere near a 5-4-1. Get in there, man mark, and see what happens
  3. Good point I'm sure Ronny spent more his first season than Rodgers has so far. And also true Europa is not a lot of cash but to think we were in a European competition and would have been -12m had we not sold Virgil is crazy.
  4. We only made 500k while selling our best player and getting Europa money where's all our money going?? Possibly the inflated squad?
  5. We're playing like shit, not even trying. In hindsight I think the 541 was a bad choice- everyone just standing around and no one marking, then it we even get the ball there's no one to pass to so we just smack it towards dembele (who I think has had a decent game)
  6. Agree those players should be moved, I like commons but I just don't think he'll be used at all. I think ciftci deserves a good shot though give him till Jan and replace if necessary
  7. I saw this somewhere else but maybe we had to pay Zagreb extra money if he played in the champions league group stage
  8. I bet half of that goes to Zagreb..
  9. I'll be driving through Mexico on the 10th, hopefully can find a bar along the way playing it
  10. He'll be a good player for them, we really don't have another box to box midfielder on the team tho I think we'll miss him if he's not replaced
  11. Hahaha didn't realize Rooney was so into simple math
  12. 132k.... Absolutely incredible